Darker Than Midnight



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johannes2000-1 7 / 10

Interesting, but hard to fathom.

I'm a bit at a loss what to think of this movie, since there's not really a plot to give you some hold, the story (if any) seems to drift about without any head or tail.

Davide, a young androgynous teen with a troubled relationship with his father, roams the streets of some Italian city and hooks-up with a group of young male prostitutes and travestites. We see him and his friends having fun, quarrelling, shop-lifting, and trying to lure customers. In alternate scenes we see Davide back home, having a hard time with his angry father and his powerless sad mother. Funny how his appearance changes with the context: at home a spotless white shirt and neatly combed hair, on the streets casual or flamboyant clothes and a wild angelic hair-do. The movie ends abruptly, after Davide commits an unexpected and harsh act. His motive is left in the dark: out of despair because his naive infatuation was spurned? Or maybe to generate at last some recognition by his father? Most of the cast seem hardly to act at all, they just hang out, chatter and bicker. Young actor Davide Capone as Davide is impressive without much words but all the more with his pose and expressions.

Anyway, I would say an interesting film but a bit hard to fathom. It's a bit like a Larry Clark movie, but less cynical and fortunately without leaving that typical Clark feeling of young actors being exploited. It's a pity that I do not know the agenda or purpose of director and (co) writer Sebastiano Riso for this project.

Reviewed by JJ-Chi 3 / 10

NOTHING GOOD or meaningful here

Depressing from beginning to the very end. Other times, just slow and boring (how many minutes of walking in the park can you stand?).

No real plot, no development, no growth and no redemption. Just a showcase of suffering, destruction and survival (barely). It seems the point of making this movie was to show the viewer "suffering/abuse" by making us suffer by watching this. If so, it succeeds; but I'm not rewarding it.

Giving it an extra 2 stars simply for some of the "colorful" street characters ...without whom the movie would be difficult to watch.

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