The Truth About Killer Robots



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by VHSdynamite 3 / 10

Fearmongering and sensationalist

Automatisation of society is an important topic that will affect a lot of us, and unfortunately this documentary doesn't treat the issue with the soberness it deserves.

The title says it all. The documentary focuses on tragic work and traffic accidents involving robots and self-driving cars. It focuses on how Asimov's first law is broken and that robots will replace workers in low-entry jobs. This is concerning, but how do we avoid the robot dystopia and use automatisation to our advantage? The documentary doesn't care. It just want to nurture our existing fear of being replaced and cherrypicks the bad stuff.

I'm not a naive techno-optimist, but expect something more serious than this from a documentary. If I want to feed my technophobia, I'd rather watch an episode of Black Mirror.

Reviewed by marcin-mgorecki 2 / 10

Poorly made and poorly researched

I'm an engineer and I read a lot about automation and robotics. Makers of this movie clearly don't.

Movie shows few aspects of robots confusing automation and artificial intelligence. Sections of the movie try to show cases where robotics went wrong or bizarre - deep into man bites dog territory.

The movie is made in style of 1970s and 1980s educational programmes forced on us in schools. All is narrated by Text to Speak engine from 2005, which makes it unpleasant to listen.

Total waste of time.

Reviewed by jonathan-751 9 / 10

It happened slowly...

Not really getting the negative reviews. Automation is slowly transforming our psyche by relegating human tasks to what is still not 'automatable'. Power is being moved to those wielding most computing power and the resources to distribute it in the name of profit. It starts with the most obvious, such as Teslas crashing on auto, manufacturing robots killing workers in accidents, but then moves on to subtler issues about how the human psyche is being formed by the possibilities defines by technology and moves into robot warfare. When killing is automated... well, you get it... Dystopian? We'll see...

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