Paris Is Us



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by laureabourachid 10 / 10

Raw emotions about paris. No storyline

This movie is not about a girl meeting a guy in paris. It is about Paris. About how Paris felt during these troubled times. If Paris was a person after the terrorist attack this is this person. Someone afraid, afraid of missing out, afraid of commitment, affraid of attachment, afraid of others... It expresses as a lonely, sad, lost but still charming and beautiful individual! Paris est à nous is beautifully shot and expresses raw emotions. It is not an easy movie to watch and is very experimental but it is so worth it !

Reviewed by eremare 6 / 10

It doesn't a 4.5

Maybe the storyline isn't so strong and it doen't have great developmant,but this movie is not about that. The aesthetics of the film was incredible. The movement of the camera, the scenes' sequence, the music and the voice-overs were brilliant. Also it touches some concept like the first love, who to deal with adulthood, etc with a very special way, that make you think about that.

For me, if you like that in a film, it worth watching.

Reviewed by shinnstheory 3 / 10

I Was Annoyed

Sorry but... just no. If you'd like to see this movie, acted out live in front of you, read on. Go to your nearest college town. Find the hipster coffee shop that hosts open mic nights. Wait for the hipster girl that always gets up to read/act out her latest poem. There you go.. You've just watched a live version of this movie.

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