Deadly Code


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John Malkovich as Grandfather Kuzya
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Reviewed by realsomebody 1 / 10


How easily people can trust any lie or pure fantasy if it fits their views. You just need some self proclaimed "dissident", who wrote a book; some cliches about Soviet Russia and advertising. Everything is wrong in this movie, wrong in common ideas, wrong in details, wrong in characters.

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Siberian Art

I love John Malkovich and every time he is on screen the movie lights up. The way he portrays the character makes you almost forget about the characters talking English for no good reason (with an accent but still). It would have made sense if they talked in their native language. Obviously something Malkovich wouldn't be able to do. Still the movie has to say something about "education" and life itself. Boys will be boys ... until they grow up.

They can take different roads though, depending on the path they choose. It's obvious where this leads, though you have a distraction or two along the way (plus a time jumping theme all over the movie). That will either confuse some people (not me and a lot of others here on IMDb) or make them big fans of the movie itself. So it sets high goals, but doesn't achieve all of them. Life lessons for some, a nice story for others.

Reviewed by siderite 8 / 10

An Italian film about criminal clans. But good.

I thought it was average, with acting ranging from bad to good and similar fluctuations of the script. I did not read the book, nor did I know it was biographical. It was recommended to me, I watched it and I liked it. My wife loved it, though.

Somewhere in a punishment town in Transnistria the law has little power and the clans are dividing territory, each with their own tradition and rules. The protagonist is part of the Siberian clan, which in almost all intent and purposes is a version of the old Cosa Nostra. After all, it was an Italian movie, right? :)

But let's not be bad. The thing that hurt the film most had to be the title. The main title is in Italian, even if the people are speaking English. I actually got it first in Italian, only to see that people were speaking something else underneath.

The story itself seems a bit too complex for a film and so it becomes clear that it is based on a book. Being a biographical book I can hardly blame the story and having not read the original material I can similarly not fault the script. The acting is reasonable, especially considering most of the actors did not play in many other films. The direction is good.

I don't know if one gets to learn anything from this other than what certain criminal clans think like. The film does speak of character, but when that character makes you live in a dump town, spend some time in jail, lose your love, get to join the Russian army, then kill a friend, it is hard to see the value in it. Bottom line: watchable, but not memorable.

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