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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jordanrgs 7 / 10

Campy, fun, low budget horror made by horror fans

I rented this film for a few bucks on Amazon expecting to laugh at a terrible Horror film, (the cheesier the better imo) and I must say I wasn't laughing too much (other than at the jokes that DID NOT work haha). Clearly made by mostly inexperienced film makers, they made their premise work very well... Its almost as if the movie wouldn't have worked if it was big budget, production company made. If you're looking for a short fun watch with some jumps and creepy atmosphere, check this out. Just remember its not a Spielberg film! Campy, fun, low budget horror made by horror fans.

Reviewed by ladymidath 9 / 10

Better Than What I Expected

I was wanting something a little bit different to watch and found this. At first I thought, 'oh this is a real cheapie', but I stuck with it and I am actually glad that I did.

Deadware may seem a little slow at first, but stay with it, it's a genuinely creepy movie. The acting is good, the dialogue is natural and realistic. The two actors are fine although you can see that their acting skills can use a little honing at times. Still, they do a pretty competent job. The suspense builds nicely and there is plenty of atmosphere that builds tension.

Two friends hook up over the net, (this is set in the early nineties,) and end up playing a game. But the game is more than a game.

This is worth the watch, especially for some of the really cool scares and overall creepiness.

Reviewed by markchisum-90532 3 / 10

It's like having a good concept, but nothing worked.

The shots were good, even though I was sure that I would dislike the shared screen computer setting, it still manages to feel real enough to keep the viewers eyes on the screen. The acting was pretty good for a low budget movie, and there were so many opportunities for cheap jump scares or evil creations to antagonize the two characters. The biggest issue is the two subjects of the movie, seem to being punished by a spirit of their old "friend", but honestly, it's way too much of a leap to believe that the grievances were harsh enough to be haunted. It just doesn't make sense, and the ending is horribly predictable with no substance. This could be remade with a much more complex script and terror, and be a great movie.

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