Someone Great


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 9397


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Rosario Dawson as Hannah
Gina Rodriguez as Jenny Young
Brittany Snow as Blair
Keith Stanfield as (as Lakeith Stanfield)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by latifavereecken 10 / 10

Loved every minute of this

Maybe this movie is just not for everyone but especially towards women I think every girl who has had a broken heart and wants to watch a fun movie that feels very true to life will really enjoy this movie. I did.

Reviewed by megmarquis-39874 9 / 10

It's beautiful

I am confused by all the negative ratings. I think anyone who has experienced true heart break can appreciate this movie. This film showcased a beautiful love, the ups and downs, the hardships and choices that happen when two people share their love together, and then ultimately, the end. No it isn't your typically happy ending film, but the love between these two was special, and the relationship between these three girls, well it's what we all want. People in our corner, who support us, and hold us up when we need it.

Reviewed by brizzyb- 8 / 10

With friends like these!

I loved the premise of this movie. Having such strong women support each other through some of the lows in life is truly what friendships especially women's friendships are about. I love Gina she's the reason I watched this film and Brittney Snow and when I saw Lakeith omgggggg done! Such an awesome cast. Yes it's a bit predictable, yes it's not full of a lot of surprises but aren't all romcoms somehow very similar. All of that is easily pushed aside and you can enjoy the story of this film. Plus the chemistry of the lead actors is so genuine you can tell they are friends outside the film. Last but not least the DIVERSITY!!! YESSS !!!!

I loved it and encourage you to watch it.

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