The Coming of Sin



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by goblinhairedguy 8 / 10

sumptuous, sensuous, symbolic

Here's another sumptuous-looking, highly atmospheric and sensuous fantasy from Spanish art-exploitation director Larraz, who was responsible for Vampyres, the finest of modern vampire movies. The scenes are bathed in soft-focus greens and ochres, emphasising the dreamlike pastoral setting and highlighting the players' striking emerald and almond eyes. The three main characters are gorgeous in unique ways, the Spanish guitar score is a perfect complement to the mood, there is one memorable surrealistic image, and the story is absorbing and quite unpredictable. Only the rather arbitrary ending is a let-down. A perfect example of the heights reached by 70s Euro-fantasy, with psychological and cultural subtexts intensifying the conventions of the erotic and horror genres.

Reviewed by Thom-P 8 / 10

Hard to find Euro-trash classic

Good luck tracking this one down at BlockBuster (that's a laugh!) or any other local video store. Joseph Larraz's long lost slice of Euro-trash is a must see for lovers of decadent cinema, but your only hope is to hook up with a collector who'll no doubt supply you with a poorly dubbed, multi-generation copy. Still, this sick puppy is about as sleazy as it gets (the composite version I saw even contained some hardcore sex scenes), yet manages to tell a rather engaging story about a gypsy orphan girl who comes to stay at a lonely widow's villa and keeps her "company" in more ways than she bargained for. Throw in a naked dude on horseback, a few surreal dream sequences and an assortment of sex, sex and more sex (with a little violence thrown in for good measure), and it all adds up to a highly unforgettable viewing experience. Alas, the only way you'll ever get to see it is by posting a trade request on

Reviewed by RatedVforVinny 9 / 10

A dream like, magical journey.

Fantastic, sublime piocture, concerninmg two mysterious folk of Gypsy origin. The soundtrack which is not credited, is one of the all time best. At first was not sure of the soft focus but as you watch, it kind of seduces you into the powerful, erotic events that unfold. I have only seen the cut version (alas) but please ignore the terrible reviews to this one. Even if you don't like this type of material, the music alone is a haunting masterpiece. The cover poster (pictured), is original/incredible. An uncut, remastered version would be very most welcomed.

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