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Günter Meisner as Herr Bruchner
Jeff Corey as Joe Dick
Viggo Mortensen as Johnny Faro
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10

International Mystery

When Bessie Faro's (Andie MacDowell) husband Johnny (Viggo Mortensen) dies in a plane crash in Veracruz, Mexico, she finds that his air cargo business is deeply in the red. When she visits the airline's terminal in Veracruz, she discovers her husband was pumping large amounts of money into bank accounts all over the world.

I watched this as part of an appreciation for Liam Neeson, and was sad to see this really was not a big role for him. Of course, it was an even smaller role for Mortensen (who was not yet famous), but this is not a Neeson film. Now, that being said, it is still a decent mystery.

I would really like to see this again and get a better feel for it. I get the impression it was not widely appreciated in its day and could get a better hearing now (2014).

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 7 / 10

"Deception:" Still Worth Watching

Being in the USA, I know this film under the title, "Deception."

The first half of this movie was very good, very interesting, but the final segment was a big, big disappointment. Overall, it's kind of a strange, confusing story yet fascinating for the most part. I liked the baseball card angle, even if most other people didn't.

When "Bessie Faro" a.k.a. "Rubie Cairo" (Andie MacDowell) finally finds her husband, the film goes to pieces.

The scenery is great to view - scenes from Veracruz, Berlin, Athens and capped off by some magnificent shots of the Great Pyramids outside Cairo. Liam Neeson did his normal superb acting job and creating a likable character.

Boy, this could have been a super movie with a much-different and better done finale. The premise and the scenery were the highlights; the script, the lowlight. However, I'll think you'll find overall it's still a lot better than the national critics would have you believe. It's worth a look. Just expect the film to go downhill the last third.

Reviewed by blanche-2 4 / 10

Before Schindler's List, before Lord of the Rings - there was this

Sporting a good cast - Andie MacDowell, Liam Neeson, and Viggo Mortensen, "Ruby Cairo" (aka "Deceptions") is the story of a widow who goes on an international chase to find money her husband left in various bank accounts. For this, she uses baseball cards he left behind with a series of markings indicating clues. When she reaches one of the last banks, she realizes that her husband is still alive.

The "you're supposed to be dead but you're still alive" scenario has been used often - "The Third Man" and the wonderful Goldie Hawn film, "Deception" come to mind. This film adds nothing to the genre. The scenery is glorious, and MacDowell is effective and beautiful as a courageous woman who is tougher than she looks. But the story is highly implausible, full of holes, and just not very good.

If you want to see this because of Liam Neeson and/or Viggo Mortensen, forget it. Neither one of them has that big a role. Mortensen has a big scene toward the end of the movie, if you're still watching.

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