Red Room


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stonesgeert 1 / 10

dumb rubbish

A numbskull movie with no redeeming qualities whatsoever , mysogynistic food for depraved idiots without empathy ! It's a waste of precious time ! You might get more insight by watching paint dry on your wall !

Reviewed by anetasapisstupid 1 / 10

absolutely horrid

This is the worst film i've ever seen! absolutely twisted and sick and flat out stupid, no storyline, nothing but gore and violence and is possibly the sickest movie i've ever seen! i can't believe they allow this kind of a movie to actually be legal and be made in the first place! this is the worst movie to ever exist, don't waste your time, it's just horrid and i would give it zero stars if i could!

Reviewed by dgosset-828-807085 6 / 10

The Red Room

Perverted people pay to see people get murdered online what they dont tell you this is a fact not fiction so be prepared for what happens the next time you go out.

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