The Bounty


Action / Adventure / Drama / History / Romance

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Liam Neeson as Seaman Charles Churchill
Mel Gibson as Fletcher Christian Master's Mate
Daniel Day-Lewis as John Fryer
Anthony Hopkins as Lieutenant William Bligh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 9 / 10

A Beautiful Film

it's strange how Hollywood is responsible for so much bad history being foisted upon the common knowledge of humanity . The Battle Of Little Big Horn is perceived to have been a glorious defeat for the 7th Calvary and where George A Custer was the last soldier to die . The defeat of that unit was anything but glorious for the regiment who put up a very poor fight while there's no evidence that Custer died as the last man standing . Modern perception of historical events is full of factual mistakes that can be laid firmly at the door of Hollywood

The mutiny on The Bounty is another example of Hollywood revisionist history . Since so many people have seen some tyrant being cruel to the noble Errol Flynn , Clark Gable or Marlon Brando it enters their mind that it must be somehow true . What I loved about this version is that it's very much accurate where the known facts are concerned . Captain Bligh might have been an authoritarian but there's no way he could in the context of the time be described as a cruel tyrant . On British naval ships at the time the Captain's word was the word of god but unlike the British army at the time where more often than not officers bought their rank the Royal Navy was a meritocracy where Captain's started at the very bottom of the ladder and worked their way up , bumbling fools didn't get very far in this service . It's also interesting to note that Bligh had a trio of deserters flogged rather than hanged , an act of compassion that contributes to his downfall . The film doesn't go into great detail about the fate of the mutineers but it insinuates that they eventually ended up murdering one another on Pitcairn leaving just one survivor . Like thieves there's no honour amongst mutineers which history like this film should judge as being in the wrong

THE BOUNTY is a beautiful film experience . I watched it on a widescreen TV via DVD and if David Lean had directed this he could not have done a better job than Roger Donaldson has . You can almost feel the sunlight touch you thanks to Arthur Ibbetsen's cinematography and it's impossible not to mention the then mainly unknown cast . With the exception of Olivier , Fox and Gibson probably the most well known actor to a 1984 audience would be Bernard Hill who had won a BAFTA the previous year for BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF , it's amazing to think at this time very few people had heard of Liam Neeson or Daniel Day Lewis . Some people might have heard of Anthony Hopkins but only if they'd seen MAGIC and A BRIDGE TOO FAR and had a very good memory for faces . Hopkins gives a great and sympathetic performance , one of the best of his career in fact

There's not too much to criticise about THE BOUNTY . I did feel that Vangelis electronic soundtrack didn't really go with the visuals , and the interior of the ship seemed just a little too clean to be convincing while I would have liked to have seen the journey of the marooned Bligh and his loyalists ( A journey so amazing that if a fiction writer wrote it no one would have believed it ) in a little more detail but these are very minor criticisms and this is a very good historical adventure film

Reviewed by alexkolokotronis 8 / 10

The Film Succeeds In One Way The Past Bounty Films Do Not

The Bounty in all rights may not be a great movie. From time to time it drags on but what sets it apart from its predecessors is that its portrayal of Bligh has much more depth. The Bounty does not simply show men as good and evil but as more complex figures.

Bligh is played here by Anthony Hopkins and is done so wonderfully. In the movie he is being court-marshaled for the events that took place aboard ship. Unlike the past films here his actions seem to have more logical motivations rather than him being Captain Hitler. Yet for all the depth Hopkins puts in his performance Mel Gibson comes up short in that he is just there. He is supposed to take on the role of a leader but instead fades into the background time after time.

I like the way the movie was directed taking the flashback approach from the view of Hopkins. It gave the movie some sort of originality which is very hard to do with remakes. This film though was strictly carried by the performance of Anthony Hopkins and his complex portrayal of Captain Bligh.

Reviewed by scroggs 8 / 10

The best history of the mutiny so far

I'm only giving this film 8 stars, because as good as it is "the Bounty" still leaves some undeserved blots on the reputation of a great and courageous man. A bit more truth and this film would get a TEN from me.

There have been many film treatments of this amazing story, but only "The Bounty" gets it even halfway right. The 1935 Lawton/Gable "Mutiny on the Bounty" is 49% balderdash and 51% falsehood. The Trevor Howard/Marlon Bando stinker is even less factual. "The Bounty", however is pretty good history in many places, especially Bligh's court-martial and the actual mutiny sequence, which is almost word-for-word what Bligh recorded in his own writings on the matter. The ship itself is correctly represented, right down to the figurehead – a woman in a blue riding habit, which makes no sense until one realizes that HMAV Bounty was originally a merchant ship called the Bethia.

The movie does take liberties with history. Some characters are composites and some important figures are absent entirely. In the plot Bligh seeks out Christian to be his second officer. In reality Christian was a friend of Bligh's wife's family, and it was he who sought a posting on Bounty; Bligh didn't solicit his participation. In fact Bligh jiggered the ship's roster to make room for Christian.

But the worst departure from fact is the business about Cape Horn and circumnavigation. The movie wants us to believe that Bligh chose the route for his own glory. Not true. Bligh complained to the Admiralty about the chosen course before they set sail from England, thinking it too dangerous for such a small vessel. But he was overruled. The return trip was never intended to go by way of Cape Horn. The cargo was breadfruit seedlings, a tropical plant that can't endure the kind of temperatures encountered in the Drake Passage or the Straits of Magellan. Bligh was forbidden to return via this route. Even if he wanted to such a course of action would have ruined his career. Also the mutiny occurred near Tofua, about 1300 miles west of Tahiti, the wrong direction to sail if you're bound for Cape Horn.

Bligh was a man and a professional. Christian was a silly, overwrought upper class schoolboy who committed a vile crime over puppy love of a Polynesian girl. He got away with attempted mass murder, and 200 years later people still praise him. Bligh was a true hero who hasn't got justice yet.

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