Did You Hear About the Morgans?


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 12%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 4.8 10 34877


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Mary Steenburgen as Emma Wheeler
Sam Elliott as Clay Wheeler
Sarah Jessica Parker as Meryl Morgan
Hugh Grant as Paul Morgan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gautamajovi_95 8 / 10

Great film!

Now wait a minute. Didn't Hugh Grant say he hated most people but loved Sarah Jessica Parker? You know what, that has paid off. The Morgans (Parker and Grant) are more funnier and more intimate that even Grant and Roberts in Notting Hill.

About fifteen minutes into the film, I realized how long most of the shots were- the shots were extended to add a "wait-to'laugh" kinda atmosphere to it.

Sarah Parker is an amazing beautiful actress. Yes, she is. She seemed more comfortable here than even on her turf, Sex and the City. Her character is one of confusion and later, a bit of guilt.

Hugh Grant is as brilliant as always. He's probably one of my favorite actors. I mean, who the hell can time their eyelids? It's amazing. He does look much older in the film but that doesn't stop him from what he calls "an unfortunate series of events" and what we call "brilliant acting". With this film, Grant plants himself as one of the hardest-working (uninterested) genre actors out there.

The script is actually quite good and the humor, brilliant.

A beautiful mix of country and southern-rock fits perfectly into this film with tracks such "Mdnight Rider" from The Allman Brothers.

Those out there who haven't seen this little film- GO WATCH IT!

Reviewed by Twlight_dreamer 7 / 10


I really did enjoy this movie, it was predictable, yes. But which chick flick isn't? However, I stayed to see how they showed how their "Wyoming" was. It was fairly accurate. The actors dud pretty well were pretty good, we really do have horses, hunt, fish and some of the houses look exactly like that. There were some differences of course. In the larger cities, we don't always leave the cars unlocked but in smaller towns for sure. Friends and family are always allowed to take our truck or car. I say give the movie people a chance, maybe eventually they will film a correct Wyoming. At least this one was actually in the USA. Most of them are filmed in Canada... which looks nothing like the real Wyoming.

Reviewed by vincentlynch-moonoi 7 / 10

I think it deserves a better rating

Once there a hundred reviews of a film, I usually don't add my own. But I'm surprised at how low a rating this film gets from so many viewers. I liked it, and I think it's a pretty average romantic comedy. That's not to say it's a perfect film, however.

The one problem I had was that the female lead character as a business woman seems too different than the same character as a wife and lover. There does seem to be a mismatch there.

Some say the film is predictable. Yes, it is. Of course, I find most films are fairly predictable.

What I liked was the cast. I generally like Hugh Grant, and this film was perfect for his rather deadpan sense of humor. I'm not a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker, but I thought she was good here, and I felt that the split personality of her character was the fault of the screen writers. This was also a good role of Sam Elliott; over the years, he has grown on me. And Mary Steenburgen, as Elliott's wife is quite good, and I think she is an underrated actress. For a while I grew tired of Wilford Brimley, but lately I've enjoyed him more.

I won't go over the plot here; you can look that up on Google. But while the general plot is rather predictable, the fun is in how the characters get from the beginning of the story to the ending. It held my attention fairly well.

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