Doctor Detroit



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Dan Aykroyd as Clifford Skridlow / Doctor Detroit
Donna Dixon as Monica McNeil
Fran Drescher as Karen Blittstein
Howard Hesseman as Smooth Walker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by slaususe2 5 / 10

Campy as heck

This is not the type of movie you watch for the clever plot and well-defined characters. This is a cheap, bawdy comic romp to be enjoyed with the fellas at a weekend get-together or at a bachelor party. Where else can you see a nubile young Fran Drescher wearing next to nothing and James Brown urging a crowd of scantily clad dancers to "get up offa that thang" in the same movie?

Nothing wrong with a little mindless entertainment, especially since Dr. Detroit doesn't pretend to be anything else.

Reviewed by madmanmarkd 7 / 10

Doctor Detroit

I remember seeing this movie on VHS while I worked at a video rental store in the 80's. I thought it was a funny campy movie but Hey! I like these kind of movies now and then. I always like Dan Akroyd movies so it didn't matter if this was not up to snuff with the likes of Ghostbusters or Blues Brothers. It was hard to believe he made that film then. I recently acquired this movie on laserdisc just about a week ago. I had not seen the movie since the 80's. I since taped over my VHS dub many years ago. It was great to sit down and have a few laughs and once again see the 'Doctor' in action. The picture is clean with only a few spots and scratches. The sound is only analog and not digital but delivers very surprising and powerful for an older movie. It's a fun film never the less. Yeah! it was no box office smash or a great comedy or action film, but there's just something about these lesser movies that brings you back to a better time. Dan does a great job even with the film's downfalls. Hey he got a great wife out of the deal marrying Donna Dixon from the film! It falls in the category with the likes of 'Howard the Duck'. Both were box office failures but there are still those devoted fans out there still searching for these 'gems' everyday. So for me the 'Doctor' is always 'in' my movie collection.

Reviewed by raypdaley182 8 / 10

An Unknown Gem!

Take a bit of Don Quixote, Trading Places, Risky Business and The Nutty Professor. Throw in Dan Ackroyd, Howard Hesseman and Fran Drescher.

And you have Dr Detroit.

A film that I think was most likely never released outside of the USA. Which is a shame as it has a good plot, good characters and good set pieces that drive the film well.

Combine some excellent 80's music, throw in pimps and James Brown for good measure and you have one of Dan's best films and this does not deserve to be as unknown as is it.

It has all the ingredients for a cult classic and really does deserve DVD release worldwide.

Dan plays a mild mannered college Professor who is chosen by Hesseman as his made-up partner Dr Detroit. Hesseman owes money to Mom, a big-time hood in his local city and has no intention of paying. So he creates Dr Detroit, his business partner who will pay Mom and skips town.

Leaving Dan to create Dr Detroit and look after the hookers and either pay off Mom or run her out of town.

This doesn't look dated for an 80's movie, it's well shot and was pretty funny. I highly recommend you watch it.

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