All These Small Moments



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Molly Ringwald as Carla Sheffield
Brian d'Arcy James as Tom Sheffield
Brendan Meyer as Howie Sheffield
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sashlauren 2 / 10

Has all the trappings of the style of film I usually love but...


This has all the trappings of the style of film I usually love: small, intimate, slice-of-life, coming-of-age, with lots of silence decorated at the edges by acoustic guitar. I appreciate the effort and enjoyed Brendan Meyer as Howie Sheffield, but I found this movie depressing and confusing and it creeped me out. The story follows sixteen-year old Howie as he manuevers through a difficult time; his parents are on the verge of a divorce, which provides an unstable and unhappy environment for Howie and his younger brother. I didn't find the parents, (played by Molly Ringwald and Brian d'Arcy James), sympathetic; the tone of the narrative was a downer; and I had to push myself to see the film through. I like to support first-time filmmakers, and some people will like this film, but I feel like I wasted an hour and forty minutes.

During this tumultuous time in his life, Howie becomes obsessed with a thirty-year old woman whom he sees riding the bus. Odessa grows veggies on a Brooklyn rooftop, sells them at the Farmer's Market, and apparently likes the smell of Basil and the attention of a teen boy. Coming-of-age tale or not, this part of the storyline befuddled me and made me uncomfortable for no good reason; it didn't give me anything of value or insight. I kept comparing this story to Almost Famous and other films in which similar topics were so expertly handled by writer / director Cameron Crowe. On a parallel track, Howie also meets a girl in high school in a room where they both sit out gym class because his arm is broken and she claims to have asthma. Lindsay has a past of her own to overcome and takes an interest in Howie, unaware that his energy is focused on Odessa. I wanted to root for Howie and Lindsay to get together, or have something to champion in this film, but in the end, it never engaged me in a positive way and I just didn't care.

Reviewed by filbaxter71 7 / 10

Give it a watch

This movie is hardly going to be seen! It is one of those that no one has heard of & like me you may come across it by accident (like me). I had no idea about any of the cast, so was iver the moon when Molly Ringwald's name came up!. The movie itself is a slice of life drama mapping out how important little points in your life that will stay with you forever. I personally really enjoyed it as this is right up my street (I hate CGI, special fx & blockbuster movies) give me a little independent cinema any day!

Reviewed by npjy83 4 / 10

A simple drama

There really isn't a "story" as such in this drama. Boy meets girl, another girl meets the boy, the intense of wondering which girl the boy will chose is the only thing that kept me watching this to the end. I found myself "clock watching" the timeframe half way through several times. The acting is good all around. Not a movie that I would watch again. It's not the worst film by any means, but it isn't the best either. Drags out in some parts. Watchable as a one off.

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