Dogman 2: The Wrath of the Litter


Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 1 / 10

Dreadful, even for an indie

DOGMAN 2: THE WRATH OF THE LITTER is an indie werewolf flick and a sequel to a film I've had the good fortune to have missed. I say good fortune because this is the lamest indie effort ever, a film which is 90% yakking between uninteresting characters while the rest consists of actors donning tatty dog costumes and roaming the woods while pretending to be werewolves. It's pitiful stuff indeed, feeling like a soap with tacked-on mild horror elements at the climax, and very uneventful.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 / 10

Dogman 2 The Wrath of the Litter: On par sequel

Let's be clear I think the first Dogman movie was bad, not awful but it was a pretty crappy independent horror movie that was far goofier than they likely intended it to be.

Upon learning there was a sequel I happily dived right in but expected the worst. I basically got more of the same which is a pretty bad thing.

It picks up shortly after the events of the first film (Which is always a plus in my eyes) but the Dogman issue seems to have gotten worse as the litter are all grown up.

Once again the creatures look like furrys, if you're underage please don't google that and if you have to make sure adult filter is on!

The original cast have all returned which is fantastic and gives the movie further credibility.

Sadly in quality it's slightly below par compared to the original, but not by much.

I personally don't understand how that is even possible considering this film reportedly had a one million dollar budget. How and why then does it still look like a hyper low budget indie film? Where did the money go? Sure as hell not on creature effects that's for sure.

If you enjoyed the first film then this is essential viewing, otherwise best avoid.

The Good:

Follows on nicely from the first

Same charm as the original

The Bad:

Poor creature sfx

Story isn't great

How did this cost 1 million dollars?

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

If you care about animals but are also a hunter you need to have a good long hard look at yourself in the mirror

I am on the fence on the furry kink, I'm not sure if it turns me on and whether I'd admit it if it did

Reviewed by tmccull52 2 / 10

Dogman # 2... and I mean # 2 as in bowel movement...

A tow truck driver happens upon a dead, bloody body in the middle of the road. Nearby, there are four abandoned vehicles; an ambulance, two sheriff's department patrol cars, and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. There is a shotgun laying on the road, a short distance away from the bloody body.

What does the tow truck driver do? He has come upon what is ostensibly a bloody crime scene. No one else is around, and the tow truck driver himself may very well be in danger. Does he pick the shotgun up? Nope. He wanders around the various abandoned vehicles, shouting, "Hello? Hello?"

Let's go back to that dead body, shall we? The dead body belongs to an EMS worker, who had been sitting in one of the abandoned patrol car, with the aforementioned shotgun. When one of the creatures in the movie approaches the squad car, what does the EMS worker do?

He throws open the door to the squad car, drops the shotgun to the ground, and tries to run. Of course, he is killed by one of the creatures.

Now, as to these creatures. They look like refugees from a "Scooby Doo on Ice" revue. For a movie with a $1,000,000.00 budget, these are THE worst creature effects that I've ever seen. The "monsters" look like overly large, plush stuffed animals.

Another vehicle comes along and finds the four previously abandoned vehicles, and the now abandoned tow truck. That shotgun is still laying on the side of the road. Does anyone pick it up? Nope. The driver wanders about calling out, "Glenn! Glenn! Glenn!"

Glenn is the tow truck driver, who shows up and scares the crap out of the guy who had been calling for him. Glenn tells the driver that he saw something that looked like a bear... but it never occurred to him to pick up the shotgun laying in the road.

There are definitely aspects of this movie that are tongue-in-cheek, but there's a fine line between tongue-in-cheek and flat-out stupid. This movie tramples all over that fine line.

Do yourself a favor. Unless you enjoy a pack of idiots running around like a clueless pack of idiots, pass on this one. It's beyond stupid, so bad that you'll struggle to figure out what that million dollar budget was spent on.

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