The Wrong Neighbor



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Michael Madsen as Coach Jaworski
Andrea Bogart as Heather Sullivan
Tonya Kay as Jennifer
James Gaisford as Steven
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by melindagrande 10 / 10

Perfect Lifetime fodder!

If you like lifetime films, this one is definitely for you. It's got it all! Great corny characters, psycho stalker with amazingly glorious tropes and lines, cool set up and fun twisty ending. It's the perfect film to just sit back and be entertained by (you don't have to think too hard to get it). I loved the main girl in this - she is the ideal combo of gorgeous and scary for an enticing villain that you want to see more and more of. I really like this "Wrong" series - please keep 'em comin Lifetime!

Reviewed by phd_travel 5 / 10

Why so wacko?

This is an average psycho thriller. A pretty psycho woman targets a recently separated father. The cast is fairly likable and the lead actress is pretty and quite effective. The story could have been flushed out a bit more. Mainly some more explanation for the wackoness. Usually Lifetime reveals some reason or history for the villain's actions. Here it seems glossed over. It seemed rather dumb that the mother appeared without any weapon at the end. About average for the "wrong --" series of television movies.

Reviewed by AndreaDatura 3 / 10

Oh dear oh dear!

As film fodder goes this is pretty diabolical from an acting and directorial perspective. How some of the 'actors' ever got the job is one of life's mysteries as you wouldn't see anything more wooden even if you studied an IKEA wardrobe. Characters were almost laughably stiff delivering excruciating well worn tropes. I only gave this calamity any stars at all for the unintended laughter it induced and for the goofy finale.

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