Don't Breathe


Crime / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 187154


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Stephen Lang as The Blind Man
Jane Levy as Rocky
Daniel Zovatto as Money
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by feedthe_goat 2 / 10

I created an account for this...

This movie was so shockingly bad that I created an IMDb account simply so I could write a review...not only that - I also put down my smartphone and logged in via Desktop so I could post it!

I sit through most films until the bitter end no matter how dire, but I had to implement a strong 3 strikes policy with "Don't Breathe", and I made it to around the 42nd minute mark!

**Strike 1** The 3 kids are able to break into these lavish houses because the main protagonist's father owns a security company that manages the security of these homes. How does the kid gain access? Well, luckily the head of said security company leaves all the keys, access codes and addresses of his clients in the desk drawer of his unlocked office.

Don't worry though - the desk drawer is locked! Only...the key is located 30cm away from the drawer...don't worry though - the key is hidden! Hidden?! Nothing says head of a home security company like hiding a key in a lamp!

**Strike 2** Why do they decide to rob the main house at night? We already know that the house is located in the "ghost part of town" (so that we can feel the fear of isolation later, where no one can hear you scream...or groan), and so why didn't they perform the robbery during the day when the old man isn't home - as we saw in the example of the first robbery!

**Strike 3** When the blind man flips the kill switch to turn off all the lights in the house - effectively "levelling the playing field" - you're suddenly brought to reality with a shudder: why did a blind man have the lights on in his house in the first place?

And that's ignoring the question of how a blind man kidnapped and imprisoned a healthy adult woman in his basement, why the kids didn't just go straight out the front door or through a window, or why they didn't hit, trip or trick the blind pensioner....

Reviewed by slimecity-38663 3 / 10

Another overrated movie the reviewers love.

Its hard to find a good horror. I love the Descent, the Autopsy of Jane Joe, It Follows and Get Out - they are good and original horrors.

if you love boring derivative trash like the Innkeepers you will love this. Very very boring and not original. I didnt like it at all. And I did like this director's reboot of Evil Dead......

Reviewed by brechtjustin 9 / 10

Don't believe the bad reviews

This movie is one of the most suspenseful movies I have ever seen. Everything about it is great. Stephen Lang is perfect in this move. Do not listen to the horrible reviews.

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