Stargate Origins: Catherine


Adventure / History / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
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Kelly Vint as American Agent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrer-79638 1 / 10

Dumpster fire!!!!!!

I am currently 33 minutes and 12 seconds in which is about 18 minutes longer than the last time I remembered it watching this disaster disrespectful pile of nonsense. I have watched every single episode movie anything have you watch the cartoon I don't know where they got their storyline from but you can't go rewrite history. New sci-fi can be this bad but this being an established series this is just disrespectful to all of the actors and directors that came before this monstrosity of an attempt add a movie I pray that I'm not even religious that they never Ever ever ever get this group of people together to make another movie. Second time through 36 minutes and 28 seconds.!

Reviewed by omp-744-588558 1 / 10

Remember when the sluggish, plus-sized Britney Spears was making her "comeback?"

...and her "dancing" was mostly just standing in the same spot, turning left and right? If you really tried, you could pretend she was dancing and you'd have enjoyed the show.

Well, Stargate Origins: Catherine is exactly the same. If you pretend the Stargate series and movies never existed and pretended Catherine's actions are even remotely realistic (go Feminism!), and pretend the "acting" and script is any good, then you might like it.

Reviewed by stefan-921-979564 1 / 10

What a disaster!

I've seen everything Stargate until end of SG Atlantis. It was fun, quirky and scifi drama comedy. Then came the ship and series went dark. And with Origin it just goes beyond dark to horrible. Tortured myself to watch it and cryed afterwards fir wasting the time.

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