Squadron 303


Drama / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BarbaraSiskin 6 / 10

A good piece of entertainment. Spectacular air combat sequences.

Box office hit in Poland with 1,200,000 admissions. I spent nice time in the cinema. Good entertainment. Good actors.

Reviewed by Chris-07777 5 / 10

See it for the flying, not the story

Great aerial camera work, CGI that's not overdone, and superb sound. In a theater, you truly feel like you're there in 1940, on the wing or in the cockpit, to the extent that any "romance" of air combat is dispelled. (At home, turn up the Dolby Surround.)

Yet the film deserved better. The one character developed with any depth is Victoria Brown, an RAF staffer and drama queen too shallow and selfish to be likable (and for better and worse, totally fictitious according to another account). There are too many mid-way flashbacks. Then the lead character gets sent elsewhere to be an instructor, King George visits the squadron to sign autographs, and the story is over even before the Battle of Britain is. It's consistent with the theme that the Pole's main purpose, as far as Fighter Command was concerned, was to buy time until more British pilots could be trained--mission accomplished. Still, it feels too anti-climactic.

Looking forward to how "Hurricane" tells 303 Squadron's story.

Reviewed by rafiz1 6 / 10

Nothing special.

Beautiful story in a terrible performance. The acting game does not set the quality of this terrible montage. Rating high on 6 because of the real heroes. I hope to see some professional production about 303 Squadron, it does not count as one.

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