Masters of the Universe


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Courteney Cox as Julie Winston
Dolph Lundgren as He-Man
Meg Foster as Evil-Lyn
Chelsea Field as Teela
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Overwhelming fantasy about heroic He-man battling Skeletor in Eternia and Earth

A corpulent hero named He-man , a veteran warrior (John Cypher), his daughter (Chelsea Field), a likable midget (Billy Barty) fight in Eternia against a vile villain named Skeletor (Frank Langella as a Darth Vader clone) in a fantasy/Sci-Fi about rebel forces battling for the sake of freedom and engaged in a life or death war with the tyrant leader of a far planet . They transport themselves by means of a mechanism that creates a time hole to earth in which nothing less the future of the universe is at stake . There they meet an intimate and youthful couple ((Courney Cox , Richard Duncan). Meanwhile , Skeletor wants to get a chance by destiny to receive the powers of Grayskull.

This is a big-budgeted live-action rendition of the cartoon roles' feats in the ¨Star Wars¨ mold and characterized by He-man , Skeletor and many others . All of them blend together with wonderful and terrific special effects courtesy of Richard Edlund and special designs by Moebius .¨Masters of the Universe¨ is basically numerous spectacular fight-scenes with a tiny bit of plot movement, full of sympathetic dialog and flashy blasts of light and energy . It features stunted and disjointed action, as well as the hilarious but quite conventional characters fitting partially to animated series . The abundant breathtaking images , which labor mightily to reproduce the source materials in some impressive scenes and eye-popping look .

After his nasty roles in in ¨Rocky 4 (85)¨ and ¨A view to kill(85)¨ , the Swedish muscle mountain Dolph Lundgren starred this film and followed by ¨Red Scorpion(90)¨ and ¨Universal soldier(92)¨ in his successful period during the 80s and early 90s . Lundgren has enough acting ability and charisma to play this kind of heroes . Based on cartoon and famous toys by ¨Mattei Inc¨ that proved to be one of the biggest of all time . The characters and story may aim a little more at kids than teenagers and adults. For comic relief is in charge of Billy Barty with his antics and jokes . Other support actors making brief appearance are James Tolkan and Christina Pickles as the imprisoned sorceress . The special effects are all they're cracked up to be and set a new cinematic standard for realistic realization . Action scenes have the zip and excitement you'd expect . The motion picture is well directed by Gary Goddard in his only realization , subsequently he dedicated to production and 3D . This would-be epic about ¨ Sword and witchery¨ is an entertaining romp through space and time .

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 5 / 10

Silly but Entertaining

On the planet Eternia, Skeletor (Frank Langella) and his dark army overthrow the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull (Christina Pickles) expecting to acquire her power. He-Man (Dolph Lundgren), his old friend Duncan "Man-at-Arms" (Jon Cypher) and his daughter Teela (Chelsea Field) are attacked by Skeletor's soldiers and they defeat them. They also rescue their prisoner, the inventor and locksmith Gwildor (Billy Barty). He explains that he was lured by Evil-Lyn (Meg Foster) that used his invention Cosmic Key to open the gates and seize the Castle Grayskull. He-Man and his friends retrieve the prototype of the Cosmic Key trying to release the Sorcereress but they are defeated by Skeletor and his army and Gwildor uses his key to open and portal for them to flee. They come to Earth but lose the key. Meanwhile Julie Winston (Courteney Cox), who grieves the loss of her parents in a plane crash, and her boyfriend Kevin Corrigan (Robert Duncan McNeill) find and activate the key, believing it is a foreign musical instrument. On Eternia, Evil-Lyn locates the Cosmic Key and Skeletor sends her with a group of mercenaries and soldiers to vanquish He-man and his friends and bring the key back. Will they succeed?

"Masters of the Universe" is a silly but entertaining fantasy adventure film. The movie is a ripoff Star Wars, with the introductory credits rolling on the screen, the score and Skeletor's army, and Conan, with the strong Dolph Lundgren. The plot has silly moments, like Julie delivering the Key to her deceased mother or the comic attitudes of Detective Lubic. But "Masters of the Universe" is cult and entertaining for the fans. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Mestres do Universo – O Filme" ("Masters of the Universe – The Movie")

Reviewed by Sentinel-15 8 / 10

A lot of fun! Some great performances as well...

I first saw this movie way back in the 80's, and recently got hold of the DVD. I'm pleased to say I still enjoyed it as much as I did back then! While the decision to place part of the story in 1980's suburban America, planet Earth, was no doubt a way to keep the budget low, the end result is still a lot of fun, and the main characters manage to stay pretty close to their original characters. Naturally, though, I'd loved to have seen some more of Eternia instead. Unfortunately, the promised sequel never came to be.

Frank Langella is simply brilliant; his bigger-then-life portrayal of Skeletor may be different from what they did in the TV series, but it works great. He commands every scene he is in, and his performance is powerful yet subtle at certain moments. Wonderful! By the way, be sure to watch until the end credits are over...

Dolph Lundgren, while perhaps not quite the eloquent thespian Langella is, does make a formidable old-fashioned hero.

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