Down River


Action / War

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 703


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thomazgunzz 1 / 10

Can you say lame?

Man thiss is poor poor poor. Acting is terrible. The helmets look like they belong on sombody ready to hve a seizure and you got to love the zip ties they use when "securing" the native.RUN don wak away from this one unless you want some laughs. Oh and dont forget how awsome the military vehicle they were in when they broke down.

Reviewed by brianlukowski 10 / 10

Movie by Veterans

You'll see red target-like uniforms with helmets sliding off their heads, hanging by their straps. Marching through the Forrest not knowing what to do but keep going almost as if the movie makers were Military Vets or something...

Reviewed by joshuacranereview 10 / 10

Odd, interesting tale of madness.

An extra point for style. Intriguing style, without a budget, without much experience; strong re-make of this hit/classic. The story is interesting but makes no more sense than the madness of war, which is what is depicted.

Could be a bit shocking, dealing as it does with moral issues that are so basic many people would rather not admit that they exist. Attempting to depict such weirdness is part of the movie makers genius.

Really interesting and sometimes downright good use of camera and sound. Always do your best, dear reader, for even your first movie could be your last.

Dare I say better than the original? (Fear and Desire)

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