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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tonymarchei 6 / 10

A decent horror movie

This horror movie is set in Indonesia and has both English and Indonesian dialogue, with subtitles where needed. It's no better or worst than most other movies of this genre. In fact in my opinion probably a bit better than most. The worst criticism I can give it, is that the women and girls in it wear the daggiest clothes out, even Kelly Brook. But it will keep you entertained with the normal scares and suspense.

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 1 / 10

Count the Westerners

Wow a current low budget horror film made in the Philippines. Is Kelly Brook nuts? She must REALLY need the money. It's freaking dangerous over there. I guess she's too dense to read the news.

The movie's idea of possession is you scream and can't use your left foot.

No one in this film can act. AT ALL.

The one thing I can say in favor of it, they've learned to make sharp images since the 70's when those grainy, scratched grind house prints were churning out of the Philippines.

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 3 / 10

Don't waste your time on this one.

Well I guess I have the honor to write the first review for this movie. Not that there is much to write about it, or at least nothing positive. I got drawn to watch this movie by the poster, that looked a bit creepy. Santet (or Black Magic) starts with the statement that it is based on a true story. After watching it I can already tell you this is a complete lie. The story could have been something if you replace all the actors by others as the acting was just terrible. Not only from Kelly Brook but also from the rest of the cast. You constantly have the feeling they took some random people from the streets to come play in a movie, it's just awful. Kelly Brook can't act, that's just a fact. The sound editor should also look for another job. The only thing that can pass for something else than mediocre is the evil spirit. All the rest is just garbage.

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