The Devil We Know



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bmco-247-721025 7 / 10

Shocking!!! - Former DuPont Employee

First - the documentary. I thought the evidence was damning and generally well presented. It leaves little room for doubt about the harmful effects PFOA and the misguided attempts at damage control by DuPont. The documentary reminds everyone that watches it that the impact of this chemical is global and virtually everyone is impacted, although to what extent is unclear.

Although I consider a 7 star review "very good," I felt balance of time was weighted a little too heavily on a few individuals that were (or may have been) affected by PFOA vs. what took place in the courts. It seemed clear that the producers had access to a fair amount of company documentation and some very telling interviews with company spokesmen as well as attorneys for the plaintiffs and it was those sequences that had the biggest impact for me.

As a retired Mech. Engr. for DuPont, I can honestly say I have never encountered any circumstances where I saw or was asked to do anything morally or legally wrong. I was the project lead on a multi-million dollar solvent capture project, and I can say that our internal Environmental Dept. Representatives were often more trying to deal with on regulatory requirements than the local EPA representatives. That's not to say I dispute the message in this documentary. It's clear some company officials made some very misguided decisions in an effort to limit the financial impact to the corporation.

Reviewed by noley87 10 / 10

An eye opening but necessary message

As a former resident of Parkersburg, I always heard people talk about the danger of the chemicals produced and disposed of by the multiple plants in the area but never thought much of it because I never had more than hearsay. This documentary is excellent investigative journalism and exposes how DuPont corporate's blasé attitude about toxic chemicals hurt their employees health and the health of surrounding communities. Im so glad this was produced and I hope it prompts government agencies to take more action in regard to unregulated and potentially dangerous chemicals.

Reviewed by nowbo 8 / 10

Yes we know the devil

Who ever watching this documentary know the devil. I'm really couldn't find any word to explain feeling about this documentary. One thing very clear that devil is very real and living with us in the same earth we live.

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