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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vanmust 6 / 10

A different 303 to mine

Having for years a 303 in the van configuration for distribution of goods to customers I couldn,t help to be attracted by the caravan version....so I watched it....It evolves around a relatively common story of a chance meeting between two young people who have issues ......travelling across Europe,s west coast with great shots and attractive landscapes.....much honest talking no hollywood action which is strangely refreshing.....of course americans will not like it but who gives a dam....most of us who spent years in European Colleges Univercities and professional or recreation trips lived some part of this story ourselves ....also the characters are more into real life and not plastic breast bimbos or steroid filled squared jaw jerks...that are laughable stock when they express deep feelings.....allthough long for my taste I liked it

Reviewed by ariqakbar 8 / 10

definitely gonna make you miss a journey

It's good, for me its very good. one of the most best roadtrip movie.

Jule and Jan succeed to delivered a very romantic relationship from the start. it doesn't feel to fast and to slow, their doing it just right. it should be like that when two person who have that condition of life should fallin to each other, just like that. somehow this movie gave us the reality of love step that other movie tend to be afraid to show it. this movie tell it in a very warm and in good phase.

the story it self was quite simple honestly, but the way it been told was make us feel that this movie still focus on the main two character with all the event that happened. i love the tone of this movie, the set, the music all of it was make this movie have a really strong sense of really fun adventure

Reviewed by V-Fi 7 / 10

A Budding Relationship With Great Subtle Tension

A German road trip movie that develops the tension between two characters during a journey from Berlin to Spain. The dialog is exploratory, with a wide range of topics touched-on, including religion, politics, philosophy, relationships and the development of human survival in history and modern times.

The characters depicted in the movie both explore each others view point without demanding acceptance of their own beliefs. Over time they reconcile each others differences and come to a common understanding.

This is a gentle film with no particular surprises. The acting is good and the characters become likeable for their openess and understanding on the many issues facing them.

Great cinematography with spectacular scenery and locations. Overall A good well made and enjoyable movie.

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