Varsity Punks


Comedy / Drama / Sport

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Efren Ramirez as Coach Menlo
Noel Gugliemi as Coach Cruz
Rachel Alig as Hot Nurse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by athederan 10 / 10

Great movie!

Varsity Punks is a great movie. I loved the storyline and character development. I wasn't into sports/ cross country in high school but the characters seemed so relatable that I felt involved in what they were going through. It was a great indy/ high school drama/ sports film. Definitely recommend it!

Reviewed by beardotheweirdo 7 / 10

Surprisingly good

It's not a high-budget film, and it shows this at times, but that's to be expected of a film like this. The cast is surprisingly large for a film like this, and really, all the characters are interesting.

What's not usually expected of these types of films is really well-fleshed out characters, and a good honest, thought-provoking, inspiring story. And Varsity Punks delivers on those fronts, with great success.

The title is slightly misleading as their is only one punk-rocker in the movie. And apart from his attitude, and a misfits patch on his jacket, the movie doesn't have much of anything to do with punk.

If you value good character studies and/or a good story over high-production values (with simplistic or unrealistic/hollow stories and characters, then I'd recommend checking it out.

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