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Melanie Blake Roth as Possessed Runner #4
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ksauter 6 / 10

Better thn expected

I went in not expecting much and was really surprised by how much I really did enjoy it. Great premise and well shot. Worth the watch definitely.

Reviewed by elinkate 1 / 10

Unfriended Knockoff

Well. it sounded good. the premise is great - however this falls way flat on its face. it's like a middle aged unfriended rip. the characters are all mid 30s and it's nowhere near jumpy or any way a decent "horror" film. just don't bother it's just. ???? i have no words.

it's terrible.

Reviewed by chrissanna 1 / 10

Wow... Unfriended I owe you an apology... well no... but

Don't even bother with this one. Despite being barely 90 minutes it feels like its 3 hours long; the script is mess; there are no likeable characters; it is very lazily put together; it doesn't have a single original idea; the acting is dreadful. None of these people should get another acting job in their life.

Unfortunately it's not even unintentionally funny.

Headphones with cameras, mics and 4G... that makes sense... that's practical... if you want to shoot the film with multiple angles why not just make a conventional movie? Instead of opting for this "desktop-view" bs ... or just blend the two together... even better... don't make it.

I don't even have the strength to properly review it. Stay far away from this one.

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