Elephant White


Action / Crime / Fantasy / Thriller

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Kevin Bacon as Jimmy
Djimon Hounsou as Curtie Church
Ron Smoorenburg as Bodyguard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kadushke 6 / 10

Not bad...

I was curious to see this film because of very different reviews - i love Kevin Bacon as an actor and i could not believe that he would choose to take upon a bad role - thou many here said that this was his worst film ever... So i embraced myself for the worst... And i wasn't disappointed - yes, the film itself is a bit strange and at first it was hard to watch... Thou the key-point of this film is the story the creators want to tell - the dark and hard truth about human trafficking. There is not much glamor in it - a lot of truth is told here - truth we tend to ignore or we just don't think about it... So it's really worth watching. Besides, there is a bit of everything - a bit of action, a bit of fighting and shooting, a bit of friendship and respect... And of course - the mostly discussed topic - Kevin's accent and acting. I think it was brilliant! He nailed it perfectly - because that was the idea - a bit fake, a bit shallow and glamorous at the surface but at the same time - real, loyal and true friend, having his own understanding of the world, values and good vs bad. I am not saying that this film is some miracle - but it's not as bad as a lot of you are saying... Enjoy it!

Reviewed by Tim Little 3 / 10

Only the monks come out of this with any credit

I am assuming that this pile of dross was intended to go straight to the less discerning DVD market. It is exploitative, cliché-ridden, badly acted, badly scripted and the aforementioned monks are the only sympathetic characters in the entire film (with the exception of a couple of dogs on a refuse tip which turn in a very creditable debut performance).

The only exploitation I witnessed was the depiction of Thailand as an immoral, flea ridden pit full of murderers, gangs and whore-mongers. I'm sure the Thai tourist board will pass on their thanks - though it's hardly an original depiction.

Kevin Bacon. It has to be said that his credibility has been gradually slipping down the toilet - and in this he continues his downward descent. Most extraordinarily in a faux Australian- British-'Gawd bliss ya Meery Poppns' Dick van Dyke accent. At first, I had assumed his voice had been dubbed, I wish it had been.

The violence is comic strip, video console style - this serves to further detach the viewer from any empathy to the characters or interest in proceedings.

A local girl crops up regularly. Not sure why.

All in all, think how far you could have got with the decorating in one and a half hours.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Unassuming Thai sniper action

I enjoyed ELEPHANT WHITE for what it is: an unassuming Thai action flick with a couple of decent performances, some strong choreography from ONG BAK director Prachya Pinkaew, and plenty of action to recommend it. Films like this are a dime a dozen and yet the strength of the central character and the filming style kept me watching and entertained despite various flaws in the narrative.

Djimon Hounsou is well cast as an assassin, a sniper who latest job is to take down a drugs gang who've turned a businessman's daughter into a heroin accident. Hounsou is a tough, taciturn hero and his role as a sniper leads to some great assassination scenes; I think snipers are underutilised in cinema and I love watching films about them. Helping Hounsou is an out-of-place Kevin Bacon, giving a hilarious performance (complete with Dick Van Dyke style Cockney accent) as an arms dealer.

There's plenty of action here, alongside a slim storyline with at least one good twist I didn't see coming. Some of the story is a cheat - there's a huge ruckus in a wood which turns out to be a dream - but other scenes, like the assault on the brothel, are exemplary. The experience is soured slightly by a hugely unbelievable and anti-climatic ending, but apart from that this is solid stuff.

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