In Like Flynn


Action / Adventure

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 93%
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Isabel Lucas as Rose
William Moseley as Dook Adams
Clive Standen as Charlie
Lochlyn Munro as Ronald
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bluesunflowersb 9 / 10

Cyclones That'll Blow Your Foreskins Off

In Like Flynn gets six stars from me for that shot alone of a soapy wet Tom Cocquerel. Two stars and a bit for Clive Standen's portrayal of "Charlie." I swear I didn't even know that was Clive until about 1/3 into the movie------he was that terrific as a Quint-squinting type Sea Captain. I kept saying to myself, "WHO is this guy? He looks so familiar . . ." Skoal, Rolo. You did good in this.

The entire movie is a bit of highly enjoyable romp, with the only truly silly thing about it is the poorly done Disney-oh-look-how-cutesy-this-is music at the very beginning. I really can't stand such tootling, goofy scores. The good news is: the music settles down after that and seems to fit nicely with the action and other scenes. Thank gawd.

Cocquerel is charismatic and extremely easy on the eyes. I do love his perfect skin and perfect hair and perfect mouth. Let's face it: he's pretty darn near perfection all around. He is mightily reminiscent of just how fresh-faced yet enchanting Errol Flynn was in his younger years.

I think this was an entertaining film. There were some "Oh, c'mon" moments, but not so many as to spoil it all. The only truly stupid part, aside from the music at the start, was the CGI dolphins. That was absolutely cringe-worthy.

Ah . . . Errol. He wasn't just another pretty face. A smooth combination of smart, athletic, droll sense of humor and fascinating to watch; like watching a Panther on the prowl. I'm glad they made this movie about his early years. What a remarkable, adventurous life he lived.

Reviewed by yannesbox-179-385862 7 / 10

Underrated movie, not bad at all...

Nice movie, totally underrated... Somehow reminded me of Indiana jones or some other 80's movie like that. The movie doesn't have much of the fancy special effects that younger generations probably hunger for, so maybe this isn't for teenagers, but people who like older movies will like this because it's made in a similar way like those 80's movies... The story line isn't maybe the best or most exciting, but there is enough entertainment for sure.

Reviewed by FinesseMovieReviews 3 / 10

Errol Flynn For The Win...Well, Maybe Next Time.

This film follows a well known Australian, Errol Flynn, and tells the story of how this adventurous man discovered the cinema screen.

After escaping from a jungle exploration, Flynn decides to steal a ship from a Japanese pirate and assemble his friends. Flynn and the crew will sail the seas in hopes to finding New Guinea Gold.

With an opening sequence that can be compared to Raiders of the Lost Ark, we understand that Flynn is a man who loves a great adventure and really loves women (seriously- the amount of women Flynn goes for is crazy!). Other than that, there's very little to no development for our leading hero. Flynn is also surrounded by his friends, but once again there is no character development for them, which in return gives the audience zero desire to care. Without these characters being built correctly, the film continues on with a story of little interest. The one character that does try to open up about his past is given such a poor introduction that when he gets deep in discussion, I didn't feel anything emotionally.

The film's costume design and sets are amazing and it's obvious for an Australian film that much attention and focus has been given to provide a top looking Australian adventure film for 2018.

As for the plot, like the film characters... there's not much here other than Flynn being keen to sail with his friends for gold- that's really it. The film spends a large majority of time on trying to make consistently cheesy jokes for its audience rather than tell an exciting story. Considering our leads are in a hurry for treasure, there is also plenty of time for the film to take a moment and make jokes, fight a boxing match or even play on the beach instead. Many jokes are also dragged on, and the worst part is that the jokes don't actually land and cause a laugh (well, for me anyway). By the 3rd and final act the jokes disappear and we are then given a dramatic film instead.

Overall, In Like Flynn tries to be the next adventurous Australian blockbuster but instead gets cheesy dialogue and poor character developments, which in return hurts the film story like a sinking pirate ship. I feel there was so much potential but sadly I found the end result to be a complete misfire and a disappointment.


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