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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alantas 10 / 10

Important lesson

Yes, we have seen these arguments, theories and facts before, yet it seems people are unable to learn them. They rather watch Discovery Channel which instead of showing documentaries of discoveries, is a day long automobile commercial (not to mention the much worse channels out there). So this kind of documentary can't be done too many times. It must be repeated until it sinks in and people starting to make their decisions with responsibility. And it also would help if more people see it. The most positive aspects of this film are:

-Its narrative isn't too complex and strictly sticks to the essentials -it hasn't got extra ideology in it like Zeitgeist (however its style is very similar).

-It offers at the end a very good solution since not much else you can do to affect things. But if you are not an obsessive consumer and have a common sense, you have probably already figured that out.

-Woody Harrelson is a great host

Looking forward to the day when a documentary like this will be broadcast on major prime time televisions. I know it's naive because they are all owned by corporations or the state (which is owned by corporations). So the best thing is to spread the word. Very good documentary, highly recommended.

Reviewed by gtsmurfo 10 / 10

People fail to realize that something like this helps the change.

You constantly see this theme portrayed throughout the conspiracy realm. I grew up with the full overwhelming belief that this was all gibberish. My ignorance has been awakened do to the fact that, I make judgments primarily on the observations of many. This film is a reference that has been repeated by other films. Without hearing these similar brushed off and I would continue to live my life without guilt. This film is amazing and continues to help burn these issues in to the brains of people without gilt. Those of you who have rated this film on the basis of copying others are only damping the processes of change. You should be rating this with strength to help those blind to see clearly and help push this nation through change. Social observation is hindered do to the rating process. Those films with low rating will never reach the eyes of many. Keep this in mind when you dampen the process.

Much thanks and love, Change will come.

Reviewed by jjen89 9 / 10

Intriguing documentary WORTH SEEING! even for novices

I stumbled across this documentary online because it was free to watch on their official site, as well as on youtube. I would say my knowledge on the US political system is basic, but I'm interested in building upon it, more than what the big media corporations feed us. Because of that reason, Ethos was a delight seeing. It captivated my interest right away, especially when Woody Harrelson started narrating lol. I knew that he's a good actor but seeing him in this docu made me separate the actor from the "White Men Can't Jump" character.

It touched on a few subjects like the environment, capitalism influencing our gov't, role of big businesses in politics, Sept 11, propaganda, apathy in the public, among other juicy topics. With a running time of 52 mins (Director's Cut is 72 mins), it piqued and kept my interest with a non-sluggish pace. More importantly, after seeing the movie, Ethos motivated me to learn more so I checked out the official Ethos website which had some helpful links and recommendations.

It had several good messages, and one that I remember most vividly is that consumers have power/voice/influence in how businesses conduct their business. Choosing to buy from a socially-conscious business versus a company that isn't sends a message to both companies, one of support, the other of disapproval.

I rated this 9/10 because it was one of my favorite documentaries, I don't regret seeing it, and I recommended it to friends.

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