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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by auntiebuddha 6 / 10


Not every film is Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch Project. No, this one isn't perfect. However, I watch movies to be entertained, not to pick it apart with every cliche, mistake or "ways they could have done it better." Not every movie will be Oscar material, so lighten up and enjoy the ride, if you can just appreciate it for what it is: entertainment.

Reviewed by mikedegroot 4 / 10


So these young people want to go to an abandoned building because they hear strange things are going down there and it's like haunted and stuff. So they get some camera equipment and the four of them go this supposedly haunted location to try and capture on video the existence, or the lack there of the paranormal and/or the evil there. You'll never guess what happens next...things don't go right and spooky things start to happen.

But it's really original how they used like this found footage perspective, so it seems like the actors themselves are actually shooting the whole movie. It's like super cool.

Sorry for all the sarcasm, but this is getting really old. If you're anything like me, you've already seen the much better versions of this film and there's really no need to watch this one. It does absolutely nothing new and follows the exact same formula as every other film like it. These young people find out about a scary place, grab their cameras, on the way there locals warn them not to go, they go anyways, weird things happen along the way, they finally get there, things don't go right, and they don't have a good time.

It's not that it's a horrible movie. It's just exactly the same as the many other movies just like it. It is easily the most played out setup in horror movies today and completely unoriginal. If you've never seen the Blair Witch or the thousand other clones of it, you might take away something from this. But for everyone else, it's just not worth your time. 4/10

Reviewed by N3w 4 / 10

Same old same old

Here we see the typical "Oh, some weird things are happening at X location, lets go there" kind of movie. I'll go right into what I liked and disliked about the movie. LIKED:

  • Although the construction of the plot as the movie goes is as generic as they come, it was decently executed;
  • The eerie feeling to certain parts of the movie was good.

  • The movie introduces generic backstories, betrayal events and personal conflicts that are just there for you too feel something for these characters, but these are badly executed, and I felt nothing in the conclusion of the movie;
  • A found-footage movie is about immersion, it's about having a realisting feel while you are watching, but the direction decided to add soundtracks to tense moments, completely killing the mood for me. Silence in horror found-footage movies are a great thing, don't ruin it by turning this into a normal horror movie.
  • Overall badly acted, but decent performances by Hayley Lovvit(Leslie) and Brook Todd(Ryan).

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