Eyes Wide Shut


Action / Drama / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
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Tom Cruise as Dr. William Harford
Nicole Kidman as Alice Harford
Leelee Sobieski as Milich's Daughter
Stanley Kubrick as Bearded Cafe Patron
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pbk2010 8 / 10

Must watch this esoteric film with eyes wide OPEN.

In the film, Dr. Bill (Tom Cruise) is a married doctor in an upper class neighborhood in New York. When Dr. Bill finds out from his wife (at the time, his real-life wife, Nicole Kidman) that she's considered cheating on him, he embarks on a strange journey of encounters throughout the night that takes him to the decadent underworld of the rich and famous.

At a jazz club at closing, he meets an old friend from medical school, Nick. Now a jazz piano player, Nick tells him about a party he will be playing the piano for later, but he must play totally blind because of the debauchery that takes place there. All of the people wear long hooded cloaks with Venetian masks, so Cruise ends up renting out a similar costume and takes a taxi to a Hellfire mansion out in the country where Nick will be performing. Hellfire Clubs are meeting places of persons of high quality (politicians, Hollywood executives, etc) who want to take part in extremely immoral acts. Their activities included mock religious ceremonies, devil worship, and occult rituals.

The music in the movie changes drastically when Cruise arrives at the Hellfire mansion. Right after Cruise enters this mansion, the very odd song heard in the background is called "Backwards Priests" and features Romanian Orthodox Divine Liturgy played backward. The reversal or inversion of sacred objects is typical of black magic and satanic rituals. By having this Christian liturgy played backward right before widespread fornication, it's a way of stating that the "elite of the world" is nothing less than satanic!

Although none of this is actually mentioned in Eyes Wide Shut, the entire movie can be interpreted as one big "magick sex" journey, characterized by a back-and-forth between opposing forces: life and death - pleasure and pain - male and female - light and darkness! A great film that raises a lot of moral implications. A film one should watch with eyes wide OPEN!

Reviewed by WubsTheFadger 8 / 10

Eyes Wide Shut

Short and Simple Review by WubsTheFadger

The story is extremely yet elegantly complex and thoughtful. There are numerous scenes that are symbolic and a handful of metaphors throughout the film. The story is deep and deals with the human condition as it relates infidelity. The ending in my eyes did seem a little weak.

The acting is very good. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman both do a great job at portraying their respective characters. Tom Cruise plays a vulnerable man who is torn between revenge and doing what is right. The only downside of the acting is that Tom Cruise doesn't play the doctor role very well. He just doesn't look like a doctor.

The music is the part of the film. The music perfectly blends with the film giving it a sense of wonder and mystery.

The pacing is a little slow and the runtime is overlong. The tone is mysterious, dark, and unsettling.

There is an abundant amount of nudity throughout the film. The nudity is there as a symbol. It symbolizes the temptation of infidelity.

Pros: Elegant and complex story, well crafted symbols and metaphors, good acting, stunning use of music, storing yet varying tone, and a great use of nudity as a symbol of infidelity

Cons: Overlong runtime, Tom Cruise as a doctor, some slow pacing, and a weak ending

Overall Rating: 8.2

Reviewed by Anthony Iessi 10 / 10


It was Stanley Kubrick's final film.. and what a film it was. The Kubrick filmography after 2001: A Space Odyssey was big budgeted, highly conceived and highly anticipated event pictures. Eyes Wide Shut was given none of the pomp and circumstance in it's marketing campaign and neither was there any in the production phase. If anything, Eyes Wide Shut is a bookend to Kubrick's beautiful cinematic journey. It's a throwback, in many aspects, to the Film Noir wave of the 1950's, of which Kubrick made his name being apart of. In the genres of romance, mystery and suspense, Eyes Wide Shut remains to be one of the greatest films of it's kind ever made.

But why? Simply, it's about the minimalism. It's actors are tabloid hollywood caliber, it's sets and locations are based in the everyday and yet Eyes Wide Shut is hauntingly extraordinary. In short, it's dreamlike. The way Kubrick tackles sexual paranoia cuts to core of what every man and woman fears when they are in a monogamous relationship. Kubrick illustrates these fears through the metaphor of the sex cult that Tom Cruise's character visits. Of course, that scene has become famous in it's grandiose imagination and unforgettable mis-en-scene. But the sex cult was never intended to be taken at face value. In fact, many viewers mistakenly assumed that that was what the entire film was centered on. In reality, the cult was just one of the many sexual tests that Cruise is forced to take.

Cruise, over the course of the picture is put though a gauntlet of sexual temptation. For instance, visiting the house of the NYC prostitute, or the scene of the emotionally wrought, sexually starving widow of a dead patient. One of the most striking tests for me was the scene in which Cruise buys the costume from Rainbow Fashions, only to discover that the owner has a nymphomaniac of a daughter who he catches with a duo of Asian businessmen. She looks on at Cruise, with a flirtatious grin, telling him without saying a word, that he can have her anytime he wants. Kubrick explores sexual temptations from the covert to the overt and psychotically, the audience is challenged as well. How much would you get away with without your wife or husband knowing? On top of that, Kubrick asks an even scarier question. Are monogamous relationships a sham? Are we all just sexual creatures waiting for the next person to mate with? Nicole Kidman's monologue on her desire to cheat on her own husband is forever chilling. Kubrick, by no uncertain terms wants us to know that women can be just as sexually repressed, and potentially, just as unfaithful if they ever wanted to be.

I'll never forget the experience of watching Eyes Wide Shut, and neither will anyone else who watches it. It's the definitive swan song of the career of a man changed cinema as we knew it.

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