Out of Blue


Crime / Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 4.9 10 641


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Aaron Tveit as Tony Silvero
Mamie Gummer as Jennifer Rockwell
James Caan as Col Tom Rockwell
Patricia Clarkson as Detective Mike Hoolihan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by markthomassintek 4 / 10

All sounds good so far but.......


We are all made of star dust, we are everyone and everyone is us.

For every decision we make the other decision exists in an alternate dimension.

Critics have described this film as stunning, a masterpiece and an experience so I just had to watch.

An astronomer is found dead in what seems to be strange circumstances and the film follows the police officers investigation into what happened.

All sounds good so far but.......

Very slow and I'm afraid to say very boring even when strange things start to happen to the police officer investigating, is it the dead astronomer making contact from an alternate dimension or illusions from.......

Such a shame because the BFI (British Film Institute) have an amazing track record of making some ground breaking films but I'm afraid to say this isn't one of them.

Rating 4 out of 10

Reviewed by drjgardner 9 / 10


This is probably the most intellectually stimulating film I've seen in years. That doesn't make it necessarily entertaining. Truth be told, it is a little too long and they could have sculpted an even better ending. That being said, the film is marvelous. The acting is top notch. This may be the best performances ever by James Caan and Jacki Weaver and it is a tour d'force from Patricia Clarkson.

Warning - the film requires some thought and the average viewer may find it difficult to understand, much less benefit from the film.

At first blush it is a murder mystery, but then again, it isn't, though in fact it is indeed. It's the story of a daughter who knows too much and one who knows too little, yet somehow, the one will give birth to the other, in ways no one will expect.

Reviewed by Pairic 8 / 10

SF/Neo-Noir Thriller

Out Of Blue: SF, Neo-Noir, Serial Killer, even science,a film of many tropes. Present day New Orleans, detective Mike Hoolihan (Patricia Clarkson) investigates the murder of an astrophysicist, Jennifer Rockwell (Mamie Gummer). From the outset it is a complicated case, there are two main suspects, both physicists, her lover Duncan (Jonathan Majors) and the shifty Ian (Toby Jones). The killing also bears characteristics of a serial killer who has been dormant for 30 years. Jennifer's father Tom (James Caan) is a politician, war hero and business magnate and along with his dysfunctional family interferes in the investigation.

As Mike makes inquiries she becomes immersed in world of The Multiverse, Black Holes and Quantum Mechanics, Schrodinger's Cat figures as much in developments as he own cat does in her life. The focus shifts from suspect to suspect and even a new suspect emerges. Mike also undergoes strange encounters and sensations. Is she imaging some events and even characters or is she shifting between alternative realities? The fact that Mike is a recovering addict doesn't help.

An intriguing film which requires close attention and the Lynchian sense of strangeness and ambiguity may out many off. It likely demands a second viewing. Director and screenwriter Carol Morley has adapted the novel Night Train by Martin Amis, delivering an original addition to the SF/Neo-noir Genre. 8/10.

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