Temple Grandin


Biography / Drama

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Claire Danes as Temple Grandin
Catherine O'Hara as Aunt Ann
Julia Ormond as Eustacia
David Strathairn as Dr. Carlock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by willow2 10 / 10

A sensitive, realistic portrayal of an amazing woman

I could not disagree more with the first reviewer.

I think this is the least clichéd portrait of an autistic individual that has yet appeared on TV or in film. Like anything, autism has positive and negative effects, as this film makes plain in its well-rounded examination of this real individual's life. Temple Grandin does not understand people, her manner may be considered strange, but her ability to conceptualize and focus enables her to be an innovator.

Unlike many other films, including "Adam" (which starred Claire Danes' husband, Hugh Dancy), "Temple Grandin" does not seem to request pity or condescension from the viewer or apology from the autistic character. Despite a childhood filled with bullying and derision from others (subtly sketched in the movie), Temple is focused, confident, driven, and gutsy. Her autism requires no pity and no apology: she is "different, not less" (a line repeated in the movie). That's the reason she was able to succeed. Yes, she gave the valedictory speech at her college graduation, though she did not speak until she was four: there is nothing far-fetched about it. Lack of language does not mean mental retardation.

The movie jumps around in time, but I did not find it hard to follow. The main thrust of the narrative is Ms. Grandin's interest in cattle and the story of the educational path that led to her innovations in the field of livestock management. Episodes from her earlier life are inserted in the narrative in ways that give insight into the character. Her interest in science and her ability to conceptualize were nurtured by a caring science teacher, wonderfully played in a subtle performance by the always capable David Straithairn. Julia Ormond is also strong as Temple's mother.

Ultimately, the people in Temple's life accept her and celebrate her for who she is, and for her unique insight and abilities. I hope this film will help people realize that autism is not a disease and is not a tragedy.

Reviewed by [email protected] 10 / 10

Claire Danes better get a freakin' Emmy for this

I'm a parent of a child with high-functioning autism, and while my child's condition isn't nearly as severe as Ms. Grandin's, I was touched and awed by the portrayal in the film on a deeply personal level and as a fan of film.

Not once during the entire film was I able to sit back and say, unequivocally, that's Claire Danes on the screen. Not once, because that was not Claire Danes - it was Temple Grandin, or at the very least what we saw on the screen was %99.999 the character brought to life with an unbelievably immersive portrayal of Ms. Grandin by Ms. Danes.

I've seen those looks, those pensive stares filled with wonder and awe and fear but on a level so completely foreign to those of us who do not have autism. There were moments in this film I was looking right into my child's eyes through that screen.

Ms. Danes is an extraordinary talent, and while I've watched many of her films with interest, I will make it a point to see those I have not yet seen, and will watch with renewed interest and intensity those I have already seen.

Wow...seriously, that's about all I can say about her performance - Wow.

Reviewed by conlaw 10 / 10

Different and Great

If this were not a TV movie I would expect it to be listed as an Oscar nominee. The movie is captivating not only for the exceptional acting but providing us with a glimpse into the world of autism. Everything about this movie points to excellence: the writing, the direction, the cinematography and the acting of a superb cast featuring Claire Danes in what must be the role of a lifetime.

The movie is moving in its emotional impact without becoming maudlin. The pace of the movie is quick and takes us through a number of years in the fascinating life of Temple Grandin without losing us or boring us.

Temple Grandin describes herself in the movie as "different not less." I would describe the movie as "different and great."

The cast and the crew may well be in line for Emmys and Golden Globes. If so, let no one say it was because of sympathy for the subject matter. It deserves any awards it wins for the excellence of the production values.

This is TV at its best!

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