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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jbdancer01 4 / 10

Teens will like it

The main character is a beautiful dancer, but the acting is awful. The characters who don't have to dance were horrible actors which doesn't make sense because they didn't need to compromise on that. I guess it's the directing too. It's very slow moving and I almost shut it off. I also didn't like how the character doesn't eat. That should have been addressed. I expected her to faint or something, but nope. Not cool. Also the mother makes no sense. If she never had a job or did anything with her life then why on earth didn't she watch her daughter dance? You'd think she'd want her daughter to have opportunities-the whole fear of failure thing on the mom's end made no sense to me. The mom also seemed super young. 36? Real enough but wow my mom was like 50 when I was that age. Anyhow I feel like teenagers will like it. It's like a step up from the American girl movies and it's clean enough.

Reviewed by verisww 2 / 10

Beautiful dancer. Movie? Not so beautiful.

A real ballerina. A beautiful dancer. That's all that is good about the movie. If the whole movie had Juliet Doherty dancing then it would have been far better. Problem is none of the actors are believable. The script is redundant in such a way that the characters are all the same with same expressions.

You can tell most of the actors in the movie have no experience acting. You can tell who the professional actors are like Kaitlyn Black, the mother, and Asher Angel, the brother. All the acting is so wooden that it makes one not care about the story.

It's too bad for the premise of the story was good to begin with.

Reviewed by katyaparfemonova 10 / 10

I really liked it!

The intro is absolutely gorgeous!! I watched it while I was sawing ribbons on my pointe shoes. It gave me so much inspiration and to just focus on your goals and never give up! A beautifully shot movie, and they spent so little money. Didn't they raise 20,000 to make it? I loved it - acting was good. Juliet is amazing. I hope they'll do a second one.

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