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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ncminus 1 / 10

Good grief what a stinker...

No one and I do mean no one can even act in this stupid excuse of a movie.The plot was garbage because there basically wasn't one.The script seems to be written in about an hour by someone who has never left their basement.It's just one steaming pile of crap that should have never made it past the cutting room floor.I just can't say enough bad about this "movie." Save yourself the trouble of watching this garbage and just go to bed.

Reviewed by ferforeman 2 / 10

no direction

This movie had no didnt make any sense at the end and was not even worthy to be called a B rated movie....the only professional part of the movie was the sex scene ......if you can believe that...

Reviewed by randbark-2 1 / 10

Made by Tobacco Companies?????

Well, first, not scary at all, like the majority of horror movies and especially those centred around halloween. Very predictable, boring, poor acting (especially the father), etc. etc. etc..... But, if you like to see people smoking, this film is for you. Could have been sponsored by tobacco companies. As the Brit's say, complete Rubbish.......

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