Room 37: The Mysterious Death of Johnny Thunders


Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by e_adamo 1 / 10

Thunder's rolling in his grave in embarrassment

There was a opportunity to make a good movie about a rock and roll/punk legend, but instead they made a low rent version of the Shining. At least the actor playing Thunders didn't scream out "Here's Johnny, so he gets the one star!!"

Reviewed by jake_fantom 1 / 10

Oy oy oy oy oy oy

Quite possibly the worst acting you will ever witness. Of course, that's offset by the $200 budget for cinematography. I don't really know who this guy was, but whoever he was, and however crappy his life may have been, he deserves better than this as an epitaph.

Reviewed by dvaldezjr-85373 9 / 10

A Real Trip

I'd been anxiously awaiting the release of this flick ever since I first saw the trailer, which honestly blew me away. Leo Ramsey plays Johnny Thunders with haunting accuracy. The voice, the way he talks, his movements, the guy nails it. He IS Johnny. The movie looked like a straight up horror film in the trailer, however, what this movie really is, is a mystery. A mystery that slowly reveals itself to you, piece by piece, as Johnny Thunders tries to figure out who robbed him and get a fix of Methadone. You feel so bad for him. Leo Ramsey does a brilliant job of portraying someone in the worst of heroin withdrawals. His stiff movements, his complete lack of energy and strength. It's all there and only makes you feel more for him. Poor guy just wanted to make the wrong things right and be with his kids again. Is this a perfect movie? Absolutely not. Does it have things that could've been done better? Definitely. However overall, this is a very unique, entertaining, and thrilling movie. Besides a couple of short films, this is The Cordero Brothers first feature film that they've directed and I believe it to be a really strong debut for them. They've taken one of Rock'n'Roll's biggest mysteries and turned it into a really solid mystery. Did all of the stuff in the movie necessarily REALLY happen in Johnny's final hours? No. The truth is, no one knows what happened to Johnny. But this movie is a very entertaining proposition of what COULD have happened. And the end result is haunting, tragic, and creepy. From the sick greenish tinted lighting that seems to follow Johnny all throughout the movie, to Leo Ramsey's masterful performance, The Cordero Brothers frenetic & captivating directing, and the haunting soundtrack by Rusted Robot, it all comes together to make something really special. A truly twisted and sad vacation. Ignore the haters in this comment section and see this flick for yourself.

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