Fields of the Dead


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dramawatcher 1 / 10

A ghastly film

I won that film for wearing a good costume on a Halloween fancy dress night at a pub. I would not recommend this film and think it should be discontinued. If you are interested in seeing it by all means borrow it from someone who has it already but don't waste your money on purchasing it. Worse than Nightmare on Elm Street I'd say which is quite old now, that involves people getting killed by some demon but in the end turns out to be a bad dream and everyone is alive and well. It's pretty unclear how Fields of the Dead ends, one of the survivors discovers something but I don't know what exactly. It would be better if the film continued where the mystery is solved and reversed.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 2 / 10

One long boring movie...

I should have paid heed to the low rating reviews of this movie here on IMDb. Oh how I wish that I had. This movie is really as bad as the reviews made it out to be, and then some.

The movie is about a group of young people at a remote farm, surrounded by a seemingly endless field and with an otherworldly evil stalking them.

Right, well the idea was not too bad, but it is just something that has been done and seen in many other other horror movies, such as the classic "Evil Dead" movie to mention but a single one.

But the movie just was as far from interesting as it could possibly be. And I quickly found myself with my phone and dividing my attention between the movie and phone. And I wasn't missing out on anything, unless you consider an unfathomably dull storyline, questionable acting, lousy dialogue and sheer boredom as missing out on a cinematic experience.

This movie came and went, and left no lasting impression or mark in any way. It will most likely be long forgotten the following day after having seen it.

So, do take notice of all the bad reviews or the rated score of the movie, and stay well clear of this snoozefest.

Reviewed by Flow 2 / 10

Talk about bad.

OK,low budget film, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by corn, with an antique, possibly haunted yarn, with a scary old story surrounding it, with 3 blonde chicks...I mean cliché is the perfect word to describe this.

All in all, no excuse for the extremely,EXTREMELY, used plot, with ABSOLUTELY nothing new whatsoever, just a re-rewritten thing you've seen 10 times already. So if they couldn't bring anything different, with the help of budget, or maybe a cool horror actor, or something, anything, why make this? Yes, it is bad, the acting is amateur mostly, the plot, as said, is...just impossible to comprehend how can anyone say that THEY written it? Really? So it's like original too I guess...

Anyway, "Fields of the dead" doesn't go in the "to pass some time" category, nor in the "so bad it's good", it has a decent first half for a low budget horror, but then, when it tries to become horror, it becomes pitiful. I really hate trashing movies, especially horrors, because, well, people try to show what they can do, with a micro budget, so maybe one day someone will give them a chance, but this right here, is what we call, wasted-money!

Avoid it! Pretend it does not exist! Best advice I can give you.

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