Killer Weekend


Comedy / Horror

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Mark Heap as Gerald
Tim Faraday as Sergeant Marshall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heblon 1 / 10


Absolute rubbish dnt waste your time watching, it's meant to be a comedy... its not even funny, the acting is terrible and its beyond low budget.

Reviewed by Jeff_Saps 1 / 10

This murdered my Sunday

Incredibly bad acting throughout, lazy cinematography - from cheap, generic drone shots to terrible camera positions and angles (such as when they are lined up, and when they are digging a grave).

I would recommend reading a book or going outside for an hour or two, it will be time much better spent than watching this trash.

Reviewed by kosmasp 9 / 10

The fight before

First things first: this is more fun than it has any right to be. The story is pretty simple. A last fun trip before marriage with the bros ... and the father in law of course as a major part. The dynamic and chemistry is set pretty early on. And while that may sound like cliche (relationships to each other), they all play out nicely.

Actually better than nicely. This is so much fun, I was kind of surprised. It is very well acted, you get many fun moments (especially if you are not easily offended, this is comedy after all and it does not take prisoners - quite literally at times). This was one of the best comedies I saw last year and I can only recommend it - the fun is shining through to the viewer in a big way

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