First Contact



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James Woods as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by infessted 1 / 10


This guy doesn't channel anything but his imagination. Everyone in his 'film' works with him or are his friends or relatives lol.

His wife owns a film company lol. People, if you can't figure this one out, please slap yourself hard for me.

It's insanely obvious this guy (who grew up in west Hollywood) wanted to be an entertainer and used his passion for ufology as a means to make a living 'channeling' his imagination. HE'S a PERFORMER folks, get it?.

To his credit, I loved the UFO following the car- with him in it lol. This is much better than Whitney Streiber, who was a fictional writer before he wrote Communion.

I dropped 5 stars because I hate frauds.

He got this idea from the Billy Meier UFO case in which he channeled a space being named Semjase.

I feel bad for people who go to this guy's seminars for true guidance.

Anyway, IMDB, don't delete this- you know I'm right.

Reviewed by sucraf 1 / 10


I believe in aliens, but not anything in this movie. Why does only one alien do this channeling? I'm sure there are many more aliens in the universe. The guy can channel any time he wants? What if the alien is busy? This doesn't make any sense. A ufo flies around in a city not only once, but twice and the same people see it twice? And no one else reported it? Also this alien reveals itself through channeling? Why doesn't it show itself and prove this guy isn't just crazy? The alien really never said anything profound to help advance the human race. Give us the technology for space travel, the cures for disease, free energy and so on. Not how to change yourself and be a better person. Yes his brain waves changed, but so does schizoids and mentally ill people.

Reviewed by daniel-01450 1 / 10



I believe in UFOs and aliens, but not this nonsense. It's a mockery.

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