Teenage Seductress



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Sondra Currie as Terry Nelson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John_Mclaren 2 / 10

Not seducing anybody

This crummie little story is of a daughter's attempted revenge over the father who abandoned her. The plot line is not original- but then perhaps it seemed more so in 1971. The execution is woeful.

Frankly, it is just dire. Do not be fooled by the sensational title or indeed the DVD packaging. This effort by Chris Warfield suffers from a weak plot line, zero characterisation from Sondra Currie and (on the version I have seen) a very poor digital transfer- indeed just one above bootleg.

It is certainly not a piece of seventies softcore (if that is what you think the title suggests), and I would rate it "PG" and not "18". I'd use the DVD as a drinks coaster instead ....

Reviewed by Woodyanders 6 / 10

Okay 70's exploitation melodrama

Angry and bitter young Terry (a fine and vibrant performance by ravishing redhead Sondra Currie) plots to get revenge on her reclusive writer father Preston King (nicely played by Chris Warfield, who also directed) who abandoned both Terry and her mother when Terry was still a baby by tracking Preston down to the small New Mexico town he now resides in and seducing the guy by pretending to be an adoring fan.

While the twisted central premise certainly has plenty of potential for bold sleazy thrills, alas Warfield manages to basically undermine said sleazy potential due to the plodding pace, a rather dreary tone, the meandering narrative, and a dissatisfying punk-out sappy ending. Moreover, the slight script by John Goff and George "Buck" Flower stretches the story way too thin even for the compact 86 minute running time. Fortunately, the solid acting by the capable cast keeps this picture watchable, with especially praiseworthy contributions from Elizabeth Saxon as Preston's suspicious librarian friend Victoria Hughes, John Trujillo as amiable art gallery owner Reggie Gonzales, and Gwen Van Dam as Terry's bitter mother. Joseph Bardo's competent cinematography boasts a few snazzy visual flourishes. Best of all, the delicious Mrs. Currie takes a shower and participates in a tender erotic love scene with her unsuspecting dad, so this movie does at least take some advantage of both Currie's pulchritudinous presence and the inherent luridness of the premise. Acceptable drive-in fare.

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