The Trip


Action / Comedy / Drama

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Ben Stiller as Ben Stiller
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Margo Stilley as Mischa
Rob Brydon as Rob
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siderite 8 / 10

English humor, English landscapes and the road

I am not a fan of Steve Coogan, but I found myself actually laughing at some of the scenes in the film. And they weren't even very comedic. The chemistry between him and Rob Brydon is obvious, which is probably why they did two other similar films. BTW, I am also going to watch those, so clearly I liked them.

If you are a fan of British self deprecating humor, honest and a bit insulting, then you are going to like the film. The fact that Coogan is probably confronting some of his personal issues as well (both leads are playing themselves), is even more impressive.

Give it a try. My wife liked it, the landscapes are great, there is some fancy food prepared and shown, even if the film itself is hardly about food. Think of it as a buddy trip film, with funny moments that feel very real.

Reviewed by popcorninhell 7 / 10

Insular but Good for Those on Its Wavelength

The scant artifice of director Michael Winterbottom's The Trip is beguiling in an Edward Albee, two people sitting on a park bench kind of way. In this case the bench is replaced by some of Northern England's most elegant restaurants and the two people sitting opposite each other more or less play slightly wittier versions of themselves. But unlike an Albee play, The Trip doesn't delight in frankness or extremes. The stakes here are low, the conflicts intimate and sub-textual and the trials that befall our two heroes aren't likely to create much smoke.

This can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on a couple of factors. Those who saw My Dinner with Andre (1981) back in the day and said, "give me more of that please," will no doubt already sold on the idea of two frienemies breaking bread together. Shot in a naturalistic style complete with muted color tones, The Trip doesn't exactly ingratiate itself as a fun movie for general audiences. Furthermore the film is a highlight reel of a BBC miniseries of the same name therefore guaranteeing that unless you're the kind of person who wonders into a movie blind, you'll probably walk in being a fan of the series and therefore you'll automatically enjoy it.

But to the rest of us, The Trip runs the risk of being insufferable. At the thematic center of the film is Steve Coogan's professional rivalry with Rob Brydon. A rivalry which is revisited repeatedly with long-winded conversations punctuated by petty one-upsmanship. The banter is funny, witty and refreshingly organic with equally on-point Michael Caine impressions serving the largest supply of belly laughs. Yet because much of the dialogue is improvised it's also primordial, relying heavily on the the occasional quip instead of the usual setups and payoffs.

This becomes a problem as the characters progress through each dinner. Coogan and Brydon are wisely concentrated on the power dynamic between them but they never seem all that worried about story progression. One dinner bleeds into the other, into the other with talk of media and name-dropping becoming conversational filler. It gets repetitive and even a little grating as the camera teases us with ten second reprieves in the kitchen to see what's simmering the the pan. Then we're brought right back to Coogan and Brydon who never seem all that jazzed about the food they're eating.

Those in the know will hopefully be entertained by the pleasant dinner conversation and the occasional drive through back country while listening to ABBA. Yet lacking buildup, tension or anything commonly associated with, you know, "movies", The Trip is liable to exclude regular audiences before they even hit coat check.

Reviewed by Dialahit 4 / 10

Lost on the Moors

Usually I like Steve Coogan's work but this time round I am left disappointed with a slight feeling of being conned that I assumed I was watching a comedy. It did have some mildly titillating moments based around several character impersonations but these were generally overcooked (and over repeated) to the point that it presented itself as 'desperate for idea's'. I am of the understanding that most of this movie was ad-libbed with a loose plot of the road trip and food review(for a magazine) but to be honest, it showed. At times it was a painful experience but mostly just plain old boring with the occasional moment of mild humor. You would have to be a hardcore Coogan or Brydon fan to love this film, if not then stay well clear. I never got to the end, just could not see the point. To sum this movie up in one word - bland.

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