For Better or for Worse


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 1027

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Kim Fields as Roseanne
Lisa Whelchel as Wendy
Antonio Cupo as Marco
Gwynyth Walsh as Marianne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ulara 2 / 10

Miscast leads ruined the movie

Okay, pairing a 51yr old woman with a 37yr old man who looks 30 was not a good idea when they could have easily properly cast this male lead. It was just ridiculous, not to mention that both of their kids were supposed to be 22 which means he would have been 15 when he had his daughter. By this reasoning she could practically have been his mother in the movie instead of his romantic interest.

I have enjoyed other movies with a younger guy and older woman but it did not work at all in this movie.

Aside from that it was a typical Hallmark romance, cheesy but enjoyable in parts. I'm not that picky when it comes to these types of romances but these leads just annoyed me through the whole movie, they way overdid the animosity in the beginning, there was no chemistry between them at all and that, combined with the age difference, really reduced the believability factor for me.

Reviewed by penelopesodyssey 3 / 10

Definitely for Worse!

Lisa Whelchel doesn't look like Edward Ruttle's mother. She looks like Antonio Cupo's mother! I mean really, if you feel the need to cast a much older woman, use someone gorgeous like Jane Seymour! At least that would be more believable. I just couldn't get past it. Other than that Antonio Cupo was lovely as usual. Reviewers talking about "incest" because the children were getting married, are being absurd. If the kids grew up together, they might be in some serious need of therapy. Even then, however, it's still not incest. The only problem with the parental figures ever getting married is the fact that Lisa Whelchel could have actually given birth to Antonio Cupo! Definitely pass on this if you've just eaten!

Reviewed by bookandcandle 10 / 10

Delightful Hallmark Movie

Hallmark produced another delightful family movie, which I enjoyed from beginning to end. That is why I gave it a big 10. I would see this movie over and over.

What could be better than a wedding planner doing business next to a divorce attorney? The story evolves into a love relationship between the two owners trying to guide their children in life who are planning to marry.

The script was totally imaginative, comical and exciting. The acting was perfect and heartfelt. The only concern I had was that Wendy was much older than Marco. Marco was handsome and charming, but I think he was too young for Wendy. The happy ending was the icing on the cake.

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