For Love or Money


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Michael J. Fox as Doug Ireland
Gabrielle Anwar as Andy Hart
Bob Balaban as Ed Drinkwater
Udo Kier as Mr. Himmelman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Predrag 7 / 10

A Film With A Life Lesson

"For Love Or Money" has a good story line and intrigue throughout the movie. It is packed with lighthearted drama and comedy that is sure to satisfy most anyone just looking for a good entertaining film. This movie is also something of a visual feast! One of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen... especially the scenery is spectacular! It's like watching a painting or a series of fashion magazine photo shoots in glamorous locations. The cinematography is beautiful, simply breathtaking!

While there are times in this movie that you are completely suspended in disbelief, I liked this movie. The chemistry between Fox and Anwar seems genuine and real. Fox's charisma shines really bright when he shares the dreams of his hotel with Anwar. So, at the end of the movie, question still stands: "Do you go for love or for the money?"

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by asktms 8 / 10

One Of Those 'Best Kept Secret Movies', An Apparent Hidden Gem To Many.

Someone could have knocked me over w a feather, after having read on IMDb that, this movie maxed out at an estimated budget of $30m yet only grossed worldwide a little over $10m. As a self-professing film connoisseur, this movie ranks in the top 25 personal favorite movies (produced during course of my generation).

Yes, this is a dated movie & yes there's likely not a more entertaining & practical way, for demonstrating to individuals (especially millennials), the true art for possessing altruistic & authentic concern for others, service-related employment {e.g. customer service}. And, yes as a fellow business owner, there's an instant affinity to this type genre..., but this flick is a serious amalgamation of great writing & exceptional acting that's, collided w talented direction, scoring & editing.

Popcorn please (extra butter)...

Reviewed by Timo Sakari Puustinen 8 / 10

Summer of 1993 i fall on love... (in romantic comedy's)

The movie is sweet and romantic without being overly trashy. It was funny without being ridiculous. And it had a message without waving a finger in my face. Its fast, its enjoyable and it just keeps you going. Reminds me of "the paper" - movie. Michael Keaton nails it, like J Fox nails this one.

This movie will entertain you from the fast first act to the end credits.

1993 was important film year for me. This was the first romantic comedy i ever seen. And still it is top3 on romantic comedy's on my list..

Love it. Love J Fox.

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