The Maestro


Biography / Drama / History / Music

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Xander Berkeley as Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Bobby Campo as Gene Kelly
Mackenzie Astin as Sam Herst
Sarah Clarke as Clara Castelnuovo-Tedesco
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Instant_Palmer 9 / 10

Wonderfully Understated And Intimate Film

Modest by intent, The Maestro gives the spotlight to the true talent behind the scenes, whose passion for art and pursuit of excellence have played a key role in the history of cinematic arts, but often received little to no recognition because film credit was taken by others.

Florentine composer and legendary Hollywood music teacher Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (Xander Berkeley) composed/scored over 200 films, and mentored, tutored, and influenced the biggest names in Post-WWII cinematic music composition, his list of pupils including John Williams, Henry Mancini, Andre' Previn, Nelson Riddle, Herman Stein, Marty Paich, and Jerry Goldsmith.

Most of Mario's scores in the 1940's and 1950's were credited to others as was common practice in that era.

At the center of the plot, is a paternal relationship that develops between Mario and one of his most talented but lesser known pupils Jerry Herst (Mackenzie Astin).

Director Adam Cushman and first-time screenwriter C.V. Herst provide an intimate look into career and life decisions each man makes to maintain their passion and dedication to music composition while navigating the Post-War Hollywood studio machine.

Cushman succeeds by keeping the focus completely away from the big names that would have resulted in this film being another Hollywood biopic that exploits famous names to succeed.

Instead, 'The Maestro' is a memorable, wonderfully understated and intimate film, with superb acting, and earns my highest recommendation as one of the best films in 2018.

Reviewed by walt-56972 8 / 10

Hollywood composer's rocky mentorship inspires a life journey

We meet The Maestro in the first scene of the film as he diplomatically informs one of his students to "keep his day job'. The next student on the schedule is Jerry, a man locked in an emotional battle on whether to follow his personal dream of creating music or doing what was expected of him by his family and loved ones. The film weaves a trail through old Hollywood and the its ever present stereotypes of the big movie houses of their time. Mixed in along the way is Jerry's comical living arrangement. There is very relatable and acidic scene is between father and and his son Jerry, a theme that I am sure that is ripe with many struggling creative types in Hollywood. Jerry's dad questions Jerry on how much longer he is going to keep pursuing his fool hardy dream. I found the film relatable on all levels of the creative spectrum. I especially loved the relationship between mentor and student as Jerry is allowed to blossom into his best self at the time. It is a real peak into the struggle of making it, in any creative pursuit. The film follows these two characters through the proverbial Hollywood question, "Do I have what it takes"?

Before I forget, the music was great too!

Reviewed by jonathanregier 9 / 10

Unsung hero biopic explores the beauty and challenges of art

Chances are that you've never heard of The Maestro--Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. I certainly hadn't. But you've no doubt heard and been influenced by his teaching and his music.

The Maestro is a slow and steady burn like a warm candle flickering in a darkened room examining the challenges and beauty of art. If you are looking for explosions and fast paced drama, this isn't the film for you. But if you'd like to cozy up by the fire, crack open a good book, and get a glimpse into a life that will keep you contemplating after the credits have rolled, then welcome to The Maestro.

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