Francis Joins the WACS


Comedy / Family / Fantasy


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Allison Hayes as Lt. Dickson
Julie Adams as Capt. Jane Parker
Lynn Bari as Maj. Louise Simpson
Mamie Van Doren as Cpl. Bunky Hilstrom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rsoonsa 4 / 10

Naught Here Added To The Formula.

Fifth in the series of Universal Studios' talking mule movies, this entry provides very little that is not predictable since the Francis films, in spite of their scripted absurdity, were calculable successes at the box office and there was scant cause to use innovation. Peter Stirling (Donald O'Connor), is recalled to active Army duty, but when the hapless lieutenant is assigned to a Women's Army Corps (WAC) detachment due to a flawed clerical procedure in the Pentagon, neither he nor his new distaff officer companions are pleased with a nonsensical situation. His WAC superiors believe that Peter has been planted as a scout and is being used to undermine their efforts opposing a men's army unit in an upcoming War Games matchup, and Peter and Francis invent a method to persuade the women that he is not there for clandestine purposes. The quaint pair is capable of attempting this because Peter's proxy specialty is training women soldiers to become camouflage experts and since the Games are going to be focused upon just such activity, the situation is readied for crucial events. The film was completed in Spring of 1954, shot primarily at California's Fort Ord, with numerous WACS assigned there being employed as extras in a film that pleasingly reflects the result of high-quality production values contributed by the Universal management. Arthur Lubin, director of all six of the O'Connor featured Francis films, offers sluggish pacing with this item, largely due to an overly complicated scenario that weighs down the final section dealing with camouflage competition between the military men and women. As with all Francis pictures, a primary interest in this one relates to early performances of well-known actors, including the initial yelps of fear from "Scream Queen" Allison Hayes, and Universal ingénues Mamie Van Doren and Julia Adams, although the best playing is by veteran ZaSu Pitts as an undone Army nurse; clever thematic scoring by Irving Gertz was used years later by the Studio for other releases.

Reviewed by weezeralfalfa 9 / 10

Hilarious battle of the sexes, in a war game farce

Since Francis the talking mule was being transferred to a WAC base, naturally, Don O'Conner(as Peter Sterling), his confident, was mistakenly transferred there too. The WAC officers can't seem to get through the red tape to get him transferred elsewhere. Hence, he becomes the much laughed at leader of a platoon, training them to take part in a camouflage exercise with a men's company looking for them, to squirt them with dye to prove they were found. Francis shores up Don's confidence that women can be good at camouflage by observing that "Every beauty salon is a camouflage operation."

The hard-boiled Major Simpson(Lynn Bari)suspects that Don is a spy for the men who will compete in the war game. She hatched a plan to discredit Don(being a man) as a platoon leader by putting him in charge of the platoon that has been lagging behind in practices. The plan backfires, as Don whips this platoon into shape, with the help of Francis, after a very shaky start. Francis also plays a major role in the war game, giving advice, and supplying smoke grenades. When Don switches walkie-talkies so the WACs could listen in on the men's communications, he forgot that the men could then listen in on the WACs communication.

Captain Jane Parker(Julie Adams)has a hilarious run in with Don when she goes to the train station to receive a new officer. Don knocks her down when running, then throws his suitcase out the window onto her head, then soaks her with water from the train water tower when he grabs onto to rope that releases the water. She continues to be very negative toward him, but eventually softens, especially when she discovers that Francis can really talk.

Starting with Don, each person is sent to the base psychiatric ward when they claim they heard Francis speak. This is especially funny when Major Simpson and General Kaye end up there.

Don O'Connor was Francis's pal in the first 6 films in this series. Chill Wills was the voice of Francis in each of those films. This film is unique in that Chill also played an important part in the screenplay, meaning that Francis could say things attributed to him, which much contributed to the comedy.

I haven't yet seen the other films in this series, but find it difficult to imagine any being more fun than this one. Director Arthur Lubin would go on to direct and produce the rather similar Mister Ed TV series.

Reviewed by r96sk 5 / 10

Not the worst 'Francis' film, but that's hardly a plus point.

Yet another yawnful entry from this series, unfortunately.

The cast are the only thing about 'Francis Joins the WACS' that is worthy of minimal praise. Donald O'Connor is solid again, Julie Adams is OK and Chill Wills' move into the live-action cast (whilst still voicing Francis) is relatively amusing. Still, the problem remains that Francis feels sidelined in these more recent follow-ups.

In fairness, this fourth sequel got one-or-two more minor chuckles out of me - not that that helps raise the film up, as those moments are few and far between amid a myriad of predictability and repetitiveness. You can also imagine the low standard of humour used here, given Stirling joins the Women's Army Corps.

Not the worst 'Francis' film, but that's hardly a plus point. 'Francis in the Navy' is next.

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