Freddie Mercury - The Final Act



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul2001sw-1 7 / 10

Freddie amazes, again

Queen were a massive pop band with a long string of catchy, distinctive hits, fronted by the extraordinary Freddie Mercury, who sadly died of AIDS. This documentary tells the story of his final years, and of the concert staged to honour his death. In small doses, I love a bit of Queen, but sometimes it seems that the surviving band members do nothing else in their lives these days but milk the nostalgia. Moreover, it seems that Freddie did his dying away from his working; although messars May and Taylor speak sensitively and sympathetically about their bandmate, it's also clear they had minor roles in his "final act." So I liked this documentary, but there's not a lot here that anyone interested won't have been before.

Reviewed by cosmin742000 10 / 10


An surprisingly execlent documentary , realized by BBC (from wher the surprise come), My skin was goose bumps and i cry until dishrdrating , when i heard the music of my favorit group when i was a teenager and see the crowds at theiir concerts. Altthought i know all i possibly to know about Queen, the movie touches me very deep. It's amazing at Queen the fact is the single band with same melody sounds diferent everytime you heard it. Every time you discover something new. Today music is worst than car.alarm. Inferior formes of life like Armin Van Buren , Justin Beaver , Lady Gaga Beyonce , Niki Minage and almost al l are called musicians. They have nothing to do with music. They are producind only noise polution.

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