You Got Served


Drama / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
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Meagan Good as Beautifull
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Canadria 1 / 10

Like Polio, this should be wiped from the face of the Earth.

Let's start off with the best part of the movie. Steve Harvey. This man is usually funny, or at least mildly humourous. In this movie, he had maybe 5 lines, all of them not funny. We would believe that he, as a dance off judge, has more power than the apparent bad ass "gansta" boss.

The dancing looked good. I commend the people in the movie for their talent, but the movie stank. Like an old septic system. The acting was substandard at best, the direction poor, timing lousy and the characters were 2 dimensional. Not to mention that the "competition" movie is a terrible cliche.

I wanted to write a better review, but I feel as if a percentage of my brain wasted away while watching this horrible thing.

Don't bother with it.

Reviewed by nicegal211 7 / 10

Good dance movie

I think a lot of the people who commented on this movie before me were way too harsh. This is a teenage dance movie. If your not a teenager or into dance your not gonna get into it. Granted SOME of the script wasn't that great but I thought the basic heart of the story was good. I really don't get why all you people go out of your way to pick a movie apart. This is not some boring life affirming drama,this movie is for fun! So take it like that enjoy the fairy tale where everything works out and get a life.

Another thing,you have got to be kidding me with all the comments about bad acting,they were not that bad! The only time I found them bad was when the script made them say stupid crap. Oh and about them acting all "thug" like,are you serious?! Do you people even know any teenagers? ANY? Black white whatever? That is how they talk! Its not exaggerated!

Reviewed by christian123 3 / 10

The dancing is great but everything else falls apart

The competitive world of street dancing is explored through the eyes of two best friends, played by Marques Houston and Omarion. As the leaders of a hot local dance crew, they are challenged to a competition that causes a rift in their friendship, but if they're going to win at "The Big Bounce" they will have to put their dispute aside and work together.

You Got Served has some great dance spots but not much in terms of plot or originality. The makers of You Got Served only had one thing on their mind and that was to wow its audience with its dancing. They succeeded at making the dancing really good but failed to make a good movie. If you watch it just to check out the dancing and ignore everything else then you will enjoy it. But if you notice how bad the acting is or how stupid the story is then you will hate it. The dancing sequences are done extremely well and the movie gets a ten on that part but for everything else it gets a three.

The acting was decent enough for this type of movie but it could have been a lot better. The plot was stupid and it was tied together with the dance sequences. I think so many people hated this movie because of the story not making a lot of sense. While I didn't really like the film, I'll admit that the rating of 1.8 is too low for the movie. It was a bad movie but it wasn't that bad. Chris Strokes does a good job at directing the dance sequences but he can't tell a story at all. He would randomly move from scene to scene and none of them would really make sense. I heard they're going to make a sequel so hopefully they will work a little harder on the script. Though if they did make one, I probably wouldn't watch it. In the end, unless you're into dancing, this film is worth skipping. Rating 4/10

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