Friday the 13th


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Reviewed by rambofanlife-41678 10 / 10

My personal favorite slasher reboot of all time Jared Padalecki is the reason this movie is the best

Friday the 13th (2009) in the franchise is my favorite the best reboot ever. This movie is a true horror movie it is not boring or lame it is a great slasher film. It is my number 6 film in the franchise I love this film to death. I never thought reboot was bad in my opinion it was way better movie then My Bloody Valentine 3D. Jared Padalecki is awesome from Supernatural I will still watch this movie. Marcus Nispel directed well this film, they rebooted the first 4 films but that dosen't make the film bad it makes it good, really scary and creepy film. It is not better than the original film but still a good enjoyable reboot I have fun watching it.

The movie has a good score, good setting. Derek Mears is a great Jason. I love the kills because you can see it is a creepy, scary horror movie and like that scary movies suppose to be today. I love in which Jason shots with a bow and arrow Ryan Hansen in to his head. I love the girls in this movie. I love Clay Miller so much, the last fight between Clay Miller and Jason is awesome. I love, love this movie to death.

I seriously think this reboot is a great slasher film and miles way better then My Bloody Valentine remake and miles way better than A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) remake. That movie sucked so much, I hated it. Here you have a great girls, good kills I love the death scenes. Jason was smart in which he kidnaps a girl and puts booby traps for campers. Clay MIller is a bad-ass hero on a search for his sister. I love the filming locations and the atmosphere of this movie.

Here you have a likable cast beside Jared Padalecki from Supernatural they are Danielle Panabaker, Amanda Righetti, Travis Van Winkle, Aaron Yoo and they are all good at their roles. 10/10 my all time favorite Friday the 13th film of all time. It is on my sixth spot in the franchise Friday the 13th films and Derek Mears is my fourth favorite Jason.

Reviewed by redninjaboy 8 / 10

Friday the 13th 1, 2, and 3 Without the Hokey Acting

I understand why people like the Friday the 13th originals. In my opinion, they were ok movies that gradually got dumber and dumber. I still don't see why Jason Goes to Hell was ever green lit. Though, I did like Jason X, for some reason. I dunno, Jason in the future seems like an interesting concept. But this movie takes the once goofy series right back to its roots. It tells basically the same story as the first two movies, but with much better effects and acting. I don't blame the old movies for the lame effects, but the acting DEFINITELY needed work back then. I'm just glad it was Nightmare on Elm street bad acting. Anyway, this movie has some awesome moments, ignoring the sex, and Jason himself is intimidating as HECK. He's big, strong, and silent. My only issue, and it's a small one, is the fact that you don't ever REALLY see his face. You see it twice, but it's always obstructed. Once by shadows and once by the lake. Other than that, I can DEFINITELY say I'm glad I watched it.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 3 / 10

A not so freaky Friday

'Friday the 13th' may have been panned by critics when first released but since then it is one of the most famous and influential horror films, the franchise containing one of horror's most iconic villains. The film is popular enough to become a franchise and spawn several sequels of varying quality and generally inferior to the one that started it all off.

It is very easy to call the 2009 'Friday the 13th' as a remake, for reasons that are easy to understand. Personally am actually to judge 'Friday the 13th' (2009) as a reboot rather than a remake. While not quite as bad as has been said, it even fails by reboot standards. There was no point to it whatsoever, the series should just have stopped at the last sequel and even then the series was severely fatigued, the fifth or sixth for me was the last watchable 'Friday the 13th' film, and there is very little to recommend it judging it as an overall film.

Entries like 'Jason Takes Manhattan' and 'Jason X' may have been heavily problematic and less than mediocre, but credit is due to them for trying to do something different. 'Friday the 13th' (2009) has very few ideas of its own and the very few attempted were either cheaply executed (such as an out of character Jason), felt like they were lifted from another film (too many of the deaths are sadistic enough to be near-'Saw' territory) and more horror genre clichés done to death.

The story is suggestive of the series being completely stale and takes forever to get going after the first 20 minutes, with very little happening and with a lot of gratuitous, cheap and pointless elements. Apart from one respectable performance, the acting is horrendous even by 'Friday the 13th' standards, the characters are ones you want dead fast and have nothing interesting about them and the dialogue would likely make even more forgiving people embarrassed. The ending is far too abrupt and anti-climactic, as well as going too far with the ridiculousness.

Very few of the deaths are that memorable or disturbing, they're just too sadistic and paced too fast to make much impact. There is a severe shortage of suspense and scares, next to zero in both departments past the opening, replaced instead by childish humour and an overdose of gore, nudity and profanity that adds nothing. Pacing is erratic and the direction is often lifeless, especially in most of the first half. Can remember very little distinguished or memorable about the music, mostly one of the series' best assets now completely forgettable here.

Despite these many drawbacks, there are positives. The first 20 minutes were absolutely great, it was tense, scary, clever, suspenseful and compelling. It actually gave the feeling that the series had redeemed itself.

Technically, apart from some slapdash MTV-like editing that just didn't belong the production values were stylish and atmospheric.

Although no Kane Hodder, Derek Mears is a wholly respectable and imposingly unsettling Jason.

Overall, started off so well and then went downhill like water down the plughole. 3/10 Bethany Cox

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