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Brad Pitt as Don 'Wardaddy' Collier
Scott Eastwood as Sergeant Miles
Shia LaBeouf as Boyd 'Bible' Swan
Jon Bernthal as Grady 'Coon-Ass' Travis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nigelhunt0 4 / 10

What a waste

Yet again a US film which puts in the resources to recreate realistic elements of scenes, equipment, weapons, towns, etc, and yet again a film which ends up focusing on a bunch of cry babies with imaginary friends. Why does Hollywood spend so much time delaying action to ensure that the audience can see that characters have feelings? Why assume the audience has a very low emotional IQ? The film is ruined by the entirely unrealistic final overlong scene, where five US troops hold up several companies of Germans, who strangely put themselves in fairground style positions to ensure they will be shot, have a sniper who is strangely inaccurate from short distances, troops who do not know how to use antitank weapons, and who are entirely incapable of dealing with a single crippled tank.

Reviewed by resireg 1 / 10

Another unrealistic propaganda

Well, I am a fan of histrory, and I was expecting some good war movie like Platoon, Apocalypse Now or Thin Red Line. Fury is a big disappointment. Essentially it tells us a story a tank crew of 5 soldiers during the last months of the American invasion of Europe. Those soldiers are just invincible champions who essentially kill thousands and thousands of enemy combatants whithout making any mistakes, while the Germans are shown as a bunch of incompetent weaklings who never hit their targets, and when confronting a stronger enemy, (like "Fury", the war tank that gives the movie its name), instead of approaching cautiously, and trying to minimize their casualties, what they do is just marching towards it and getting wiped out by the tank's machine gun.

I don't understand how come such imbeciles could offer any resistance. And they don't explain how the war lasted so long with such an easy foe. The real reason they lost was that they were numerically outnumbered, and were lacking supplies and military equipment. It is just plain brainwashing, trying to portrait the American soldier as brave and ruthless, sinxe they essentially murder unarmed prisoners of war just for pleasure.

It is funny that if it was that easy, the Vietnam war would ended with an American war. The movie "Fury" feels like a tool for convincing tje audience to support adventures abroad (like we saw recently in Iraq), since the U.S. military always know what is doing, and the foreing populations are not composed of human beings, but just irrational animals who deserve to be killed.

I think this film could be misused by a government that wants to re-write history. There is only 2 German actresses in the movie who are not shown in a negative light, and obviously both of them die because the point is that if you are German, you deserve to be punished.

It is so much sadism,so much unnecessary killing that I don't understand why in real life Germans were defecting to the American side instead of the Russian side. Fury is so innacurate an illogical that I will not recommend to anyone I know.

I prefer "letters from iwo jima" by Clint Eastwood, or "USS Indianapolis" by Mario Van Peebles as better examples of realistoc war movies that portays blth sides as human.

Reviewed by OnlyNick 8 / 10

Lerman Shines

Fury follows a bad-ass tank crew and its bad-ass, grizzled, Nazi-hating, SS-killing leader, Sgt. Don 'Wardaddy' Collier (Brad Pitt). A new kid, Norman (Logan Lerman), joins the team - pretty much against his better judgement. He's never seen the inside of a tank before and hasn't even fired a gun since basic training. He's quite certain there's been a mistake and just wants to go home.

Norman is a military-trained typist. An excellent, experienced typist; 60-words a minute he can go. A worthwhile skill to have when you've got a superior officer dictating a memo, but does it work when you've got an entire division of Nazis shooting at you? Not exactly. Norman is teased relentlessly, and mercilessly slapped around by Wardaddy because he refuses to kill anyone. Norman's crewmates believe he'll get them all killed one day, and there's plenty of opportunity for that. Wardaddy is well respected by the Oldman (Jason Isaacs, whom you won't even recognize) and it's Wardaddy's crew that always get the call when there are Nazi's that need killing or Allies that need rescuing; a task that Wardaddy ruthlessly, and violently, carries out with gusto and a 'take no prisoners' attitude.

Fury shows the horrors of war quite explicitly. There is enough blood and gore in this movie to make any horror film make-up artist blush. I'm confident in saying that the actions displayed on screen in Fury happened in real life during the war - during any war - even though this particular story is fiction. It's that realism that makes this film sometimes hard to watch. 'War is hell' to quote William Tecumseh Sherman. Everything is so realistic and so genuine it's nauseating.

I began to hate Brad Pitt as this movie went on. He plays quite a jerk. You'll hate him too (if you don't already for some other reason). Same with Jon Bernthal (that's the guy who played Shane in The Walking Dead). He's a creepy war machine without a conscience. Shia LaBeouf plays a depressed bible-quoting, war-weary soldier, and you know something else, he's really good in this role! I was surprised, actually, because of, you know, his frequent meltdowns I figured he just went crazy and stopped acting. His character is a troubled and emotional young man, so it's not too far from reality (and the cut on his right cheek is real and self-inflicted prior to filming the movie). Logan Lerman is awesome. He's come a long way since The Butterfly Effect (2004), and I much prefer to see him in an intense role like this, surrounded by so much talent. Lerman feeds off the other actors and you can see it.

Sound mix is awesome, so is the cinematography (same guy who shot Suicide Squad and End of Watch). There is a good scene when some tanks get into a battle with some stubborn Nazis. There is one shot in particular that is awe-inspiring. You'll know which one I'm talking about when you see it. It's quite stunning. I don't use the term 'awe-inspiring' very often.

Overall, good movie, watch it when you can.

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