Gabriel's Rapture


Action / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.4 10 143

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Melanie Zanetti as Julia Mitchell
Giulio Berruti as Gabriel Emerson
Agnes Olech as Paulina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 1 / 10

Tosca Musk, please stop.

Is Tosca Musk obsessed with making lame wannabe Fifty Shades of Grey films? It's pathetic that his previous one, Gabriel's Inferno, was a dumpster full of mess, and this one is even more lame. His "Inferno" has 311 reviews, 300 are all bogus 10/10's smh, so expect the same deceitful ratings and reviews for this hot mess. Don't waste your time with this one either.

Reviewed by mikjegger 4 / 10

Sensual & sexual but not good filmmaking

I loved the books, but at some point in the movies, I found myself bored. It is just too drawn out. I get how most people love the fact that absolutely no detail is left out. But that is not good filmmaking. The two main characters have a lot of chemistry on screen. I like their acting and I can really feel the tension between them, but that's about the only thing that carries this movie, apart from "dialogue". All off the other essential elements a good film needs to have are missing. The other characters around Gabriel & Julia appear to be irrelevant, and it feels like they were cast that way. Just pick some people to fill the void, never mind their acting skills. Professor Singer was exceptionally bad. It also makes me wonder how many "parts" they have to make to only cover the first book?

Reviewed by franklindf 4 / 10

Not very good

The first movie in the series is better, but that isn't saying much. The high scoring, favorable reviews for this are fake. This is basically the same movie as the first one but watered down a bit. The first was more convincing in portraying the forbidden love between professor and student. This movie plays on the same theme but skips more of the drama and gets more into the sexual tension and romance. It's an embellished female fantasy of having a handsome, wealthy suitor who lavishes attention and fine dining, etc. without having sexual demands in return. There is a LOT of suck face going on, and it gets tiresome after a while. The movie does capture some of the same mood as the first one, so if you particularly liked the first one you might like this. But it mostly just plays like a bad harlequin romance novel.

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