Galaxy Lords


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pete1-2 1 / 10

Comedy sci-fi farce on a shoestring budget.

Very very cheaply done. As if you and your friends were having a Sci-Fi costume party and filmed it and decided to unleash it upon the movie universe. Entirely dreadful in every aspect. You'll want your 90 minutes of wasted life back if you sit through this to the end.

Reviewed by anthonysimms 4 / 10

Low budget yes bad film no

Yes, this is a very low budget film, and the low budget is very obvious in this film. The make-up and costume look like they are from a seaside joke shop, the visual effects are laughably poor. The dialogue is clunky and riddled with cliches, and at times the lines are delivered with absolutely no emotion or enthusiasm. (The prison guard at the beginning does not sound like he is missing the son he claims to want to see). But if you look past the home video quality look and cringe-worthy script, then this is quite an enjoyable movie. Sure, it is very low budget and obvious about it, but for the budget they had, they have made a reasonable silly, tongue-in-cheek film that requires no thinking, just a complete suspension of your usual high-quality movie production standards.

Reviewed by lhpoulin 1 / 10


This was just... awful. I've never seen anything so underwhelming in my entire adult life.

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